Tourist Travel Places in Kerala: These are the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala, plan to visit during holidays


Tourist Travel Places in Kerala People fond of traveling often go somewhere or the other. If you are looking for the perfect destination then Kerala can be a great option for you. If you are a nature lover then the beauty of nature here will fascinate you.Read more: Beauty tips: Even the dull skin of the face will blossom, apply raw milk in these ways HighLights Tourist Travel Places in Kerala Kerala is a very beautiful travel state. There is more than one tourist destination here. There is often a…

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Best Yaad Shayari in English

Yaad Shayari

Yaad Shayari: Memory is such a thing that you feel when someone is very close to your heart and he goes away from you for some reason, then you miss him a lot and you are not able to live without that person. We miss him the most then. When we get used to it. If you are also missing someone then you can take the help of these Shayari. To forget their memory, we have uploaded Yaad Shayari in this post, you can also share it with your loved…

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Beauty tips: Even the dull skin of the face will blossom, apply raw milk in these ways


If raw milk is applied on the skin, it will not only add beauty but will also be beneficial in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and ageing. Let us know in what ways raw milk can be used. Read more: Skin Care Tips This kitchen spice gives benefits to health and skin, can also turn white hair black Milk is known as a complete food. Many types of things are found in milk including vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, protein and lactic acid, which are essential for our health. But milk is…

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Mental Health: All these activities are very beneficial in keeping the mind healthy and active.

Mental Health

Mental Health: If you want to stay safe from Alzheimer’s and other diseases that occur with increasing age, then it is very important to keep exercising your mind along with your body. Let us know about some such activities and exercises with the help of which we can keep our mind healthy. It is beneficial for adults as well as children. Read more: Lemon leaves benefits: Not only lemon juice but leaves are also very beneficial, here’s how HighLights Mental health To stay healthy, most people focus on being physically…

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Shahid Kapoor Stepmother Supriya Pathak reacted on her relationship with , told how is her bond with best ‘Kabir Singh’

Shahid Kapoor

Popular Bollywood actress Supriya Pathak recently opened up about her relationship with Shahid Kapoor and revealed how their bond is. Supriya Pathak is a famous Bollywood actress. Everyone knows that she was married to Shahid Kapoor’s father Pankaj Kapoor. At the same time, Pankaj divorced his first wife Neelima in 1984. However, Neelima and Pankaj already had children. It also has Shahid Kapoor. Today everyone knows that Neelima and Shahid share a great bond and along with that Shahid also shares a special relationship with Supriya and Pankaj. Amidst all…

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Vishal, Censor Board officials will be investigated, ‘Mark Antony’ actor accused of taking bribe


Vishal, Censor Board officials will be investigated New Delhi: Tamil film Marc Antony actor Vishal has recently accused CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) Mumbai officials of accepting bribes. Now the Indian Film and Television Directors Association (IFTDA) has written a letter to the CBFC on the allegations of Tamil actor Vishal and demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter. IFTDA President Ashok Pandit has written to the CBFC requesting it to look into the matter.Read more: Trolls are pushing Allu Arjun..!Yeh Laal Bas Hai Yada..He made the film as…

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