Zombieverse Review- A Korean reality show that is completely unscripted opens to mixed reactions

Zombieverse Review- A Korean reality show that is completely unscripted opens to mixed reactions

Zombieverse – Moving on to the Squid game, it looks like there’s a new Korean show on Netflix that’s catching the attention of viewers. Touted as a reality series, Zombieverse is a new show on the OTT giant that has left people wondering and equally curious. that it promises to be is actually scripted rather than being a reality show So it is now being speculated whether the reality show . Presented as a dating show, it casts simple people into a ‘zombie apocalypse’ where they must complete a series of tasks to survive.

About zombies

The show’s cast includes well-known South Korean faces – Sweet Home star Lee Si Young, Korean TV personality Noh Hong Chul, DJ Park Na Rae, rapper Kim Cheol and South Korean baseball player Yoo Hee Kwan. What starts as a dating game eventually becomes a survival game.

Once caught up in the zombie apocalypse, the contestants must work together to secure food, water, transportation and shelter. Whoever is caught and bitten must be left behind while the rest must move on.

There have been many cookie-cutter reality shows on Netflix in the past, and there have also been many zombie apocalypse shows, but what makes Zombieverse unique is that it blends two different genres.

Is The Zombieverse scripted?

Although the show is billed as a reality show and is claimed to be unscripted, there is speculation as to whether it is in fact scripted. The obvious fantasy element is the zombie apocalypse. Netflix has brought in a narrow cast of actors to play the undead in the show.

The contestants on the show have to follow a few general rules – they have to participate in challenges and avoid being ‘eliminated’ by zombies. The rest of the show follows the same format as every reality show ever.

People can expect anything to happen in Zombieverse, like Survivor, The Great British Bake Off, Pawn Stars, Love is Blind and many other unscripted series.

Zombieverse was released on Netflix on Tuesday the 8th and since then many people have been hooked on the series. It has received mixed response on Twitter. Take a look here:


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