You will not have to worry about food while traveling by train during Navratri, you will be able to enjoy satvik food without any worries.


If you fast for the whole 9 days during Navratri fasting and if you have to travel somewhere in between it becomes very difficult to keep the fast, so considering these problems IRCTC has come up with a great opportunity. In which you can enjoy sattvic food even while traveling during Navratri. Let’s find out how.Read more:Navratri 2023: Do visit these famous temples of Rajasthan during Navratri, every wish will be fulfilled!

Navratri Special Diet: People who fast for nine days during Navratri eat sattvic food. This is also called fruit dish. During the nine days of fasting, the most tension occurs when one has to travel somewhere and that too when the journey is for one to two days, keeping this inconvenience in mind, IRCTC has arranged special sattvik meals during Navratri. This facility of IRCTC has been launched at more than 96 stations in the country, so now travel by train during Navratri without any worries.

Things to include in satvik food while traveling by train

The sattvic diet menu has healthy and delicious options for travelers during Navratri. Includes things like soap, rock salt, buckwheat. Cumin potatoes, potato tikki, sago khichdi, sago vada, malai barfi, lassi, dry makhana, fasting vegetables, peanut namkeen and plain yogurt are included.

Sattvik food will be available at these railway stations

Apart from New Delhi, Sattvic Food facilities are available in Kanpur Central, Jabalpur, Ratlam, Jaipur, Patna, Rajendra Nagar, Ambala Cantt, Jhansi, Aurangabad, Akola, Itarsi, Vasai Road, Nashik Road, Jabalpur, Surat, Kalyan. Borivli, Durg, Gwalior., Mathura, Nagpur, Bhopal and Ahmednagar.

Order sattvik food like this

Sattvic food must be ordered at least two hours before starting the journey. For which the e-catering website of IRCTC is available. Where both pre-payment or pay-on-delivery options are available. Once you order, your food will be delivered to your seat at the respective stations.

You can avail this facility by pre-ordering on IRCTC e-catering. However, you can also book it from IRCTC’s official website

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