Vijay’s fans bombarded Rajinikanth with comments and criticisms saying that he understood the ‘code word’.


Vijay’s movie Leo is Kollywood’s biggest pre-release promotional film of the year. Despite getting mixed reviews from the audience who reached the theaters with high expectations on the first day, the film has broken the opening collection records. While Vijay fans in many places including Kerala celebrated the release with DJ parties and early 4 am shows, Vijay fans in Tamil Nadu are disappointed that they could not attend due to the restrictions. Now a fight is going on among fans on social media regarding a post posted on superstar Rajinikanth’s ex.

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Rajini’s tweet was wishing success for the Bollywood film Ganpat, which is releasing today. My heartiest wishes to Tiger Shroff and all the other cast and crew of Ganesha. It is written in Rajni’s post, may the film be a big success. But Vijay’s fans are of the opinion that it is not right to congratulate any Bollywood film without wishing them the next day of Leo’s release. According to available data, Leo has had the best start in the history of Kollywood. This makes Rajini jealous and the real brain of good-natured Chamanja Rajini, who says that all Tamil films should be successful in theatres, comes out in the comment box.

But Rajini’s fans argue that the greeting is natural, citing Rajini’s friendship with Tiger Shroff and the fact that his mother Ayesha Shroff is a Rajini fan. But before the release of Leo, Rajini had wished all the best for the film. But this was not a social media post. On the contrary, Rajini, who was in Thoothukudi to shoot for his new film Thalaivar 170 in which he is the hero, talked about Leo in response to a question from journalists. Vijay’s film should get big success. Vijaya said that he is praying to God for this.

But there were rumors on social media that Rajini had revealed about the film on Vijay’s request to gain strength for his film’s pre-release campaign. Rejecting this, the PRO of both of them, Riyaz K Ahmed, came forward publicly.

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