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Very Funny Jokes: Joking is an important part of our life. It helps keep us happy and makes others laugh too. So let us listen to some funny jokes today, and we hope that you will like these jokes.Read more: Funny Jokes in English : Tina was tensed due to hair fall, said this funny thing when asked by a friend

Very Funny Jokes


A Golu went to the goat and asked, “Do you give milk?”
The goat said, “No, I give milk to the cow.”
Golu was very surprised and asked, “Really? How?”
The goat smiled and said, “Yes, because he works with me in the field every day, and I taught him better than him where milk comes from!”


A child asks his father, “Papa, when is your birthday?”
Father says, “My birthday is on 15th August.”
The child says very happily, “Oh, okay! I have to remember that my birthday is on August 14, so that I can enjoy the cake on your birthday!”


A girlfriend asks her boyfriend, “You really love me, right?”
The boyfriend says, “Yes, of course! I can watch without you scolding me.”
The girlfriend becomes very happy and says, “Nobody scolds in true love!”
The boyfriend says restlessly, “Oh no, I just wanted to get into your tummy!”


An angry wife says to her husband, “You go out to parties with your friends again and again, but you don’t have time to do the housework?”
The husband says softly, “My love, you know that I cannot live without food for two days.”
Wife faints!


A small child asked his friend, “Do you know why mother cries?”
The friend thought and then replied, “Because she wants us to grow up happily!”


A man complains to his friend, “My wife keeps fighting with me every time and says why do I sit in the sun like a lottery?”
His friend laughs and says, “You can be very happy because your wife passes you like a lottery every time!”


A friend says to his friend, “One day my wife was very angry and said to me, ‘Seeing the treatment of a friend like you has made you feel worse.'”
His friend gets upset and asks, “So what did you say?”
The friend laughs, “I said, ‘Okay, I’ll give you the address of the friend who set you up!'”


A Golu went to the doctor and said, “Doctor sir, my stomach is hurting a lot.”
The doctor examined him and said, “Nothing special has happened to you, your stomach is just rumbling.”
Golu was shocked, “How can this be possible, Doctor Sahib? My stomach rumbles after eating hot food, but it doesn’t!”


A child says to his friend, “I have a new game plan.”
The friend asks, “What’s the plan?”
The child laughs and says, “I will call my uncle and tell him that he thinks you are the best player, and then you can ask him for money to play for you.”
The friend laughs and says, “What’s this joke?”
The child says meaninglessly, “Yes, but you liked the joke, right?”

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