Very Funny Jokes: Husband was singing happily while standing in the balcony

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Very Funny Jokes: Being healthy makes life happier and laughing is important for staying healthy. Today people are suffering from many diseases. The reason is that people have forgotten to smile. Laughter cheers up the mind and motivates you to think positively.

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Very Funny Jokes- Laugh out loud whenever you get time during the day.Along with it, the glow of the face is also maintained. If you make a habit of laughing in the morning and evening, you can avoid serious diseases caused by mental stress. That’s why we have brought you some funny jokes and jokes that you won’t be able to stop laughing after reading.

Funny Jokes – Laughter is important.

The husband was standing on the balcony singing happily..
I will be a bird and fly happily in the sky.
Today I am free in the world.
Wife’s voice came from the kitchen-
It flew in the house, the opposite house went…

A hen married an eagle
Then a cockade asked – were we dead?
Hen said – I wanted to marry you.
But my parents wanted my husband to be in the Air Force.

A woman went to a lawyer and said.
“I want to remarry my old husband.”
Lawyer: Why me eight days ago
Both of you are divorced.
Then why marry again?
Woman- He looks so happy after divorce,
And I can’t stand this. funny jokes

Teacher- If girls are someone else’s property
What are the boys?
Chintu- Sir, boys are thieves.
Teacher: How is that?
Chintu- because the eyes of thieves are always there
It depends on someone else’s money.

Titu- What do you do if you feel hot?
Setu- I went and sat near the cooler.
Titu- What will you do if you still feel hot?
Shitu- Then I turn on the cooler.

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