Very funny jokes: Guest- And son, what are the future plans, after hearing Chintu’s answer, the guest became ‘fucking crazy’

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Very funny jokes: If you are having a boring weekend, then we have brought some jokes for you. Which will make you laugh in this boring weekend. These jokes include jokes from Chintu Pintu to teacher-student. Let’s read these jokes and laugh a lot.

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Very funny jokes

Chintu – Bhaiyaji, give me 10 samosas.
Samosa seller – Want to pack it and give it?
Chintu – No, I have brought a pen drive. Create a folder named Samosas and put it in it.

Chintu – Madam, if I get your blessings, I will pass with good marks.
Madam – Yes, but at the same time you will have to prepare properly.
Chintu – If I had to make preparations, then why would I come to ask for your blessings?

Guest – And tell me Chintu son, what have you thought next?
Chintu – Enough uncle, I will eat biscuits as soon as you leave. Now you have eaten all the snacks.

Chintu- Brother, I cannot bear the expense of my wife’s makeup.
Pintu- Yes, then stop paying the expenses.
Chintu- But then my wife cannot tolerate without makeup…
Pintu told this to Chintu’s wife.
Then for four days Chintu did not get food at home.

Teacher- Teaching the lesson of knowledge to children…
Tell me why we should not fight in class?
Golu- Sir, I don’t know behind whom I will have to sit in the exam…

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