Travel Belgium’s Bruges gets crowded with summer tourists, hits ‘red line’

Travel Belgium's Bruges gets crowded with summer tourists

Travel Belgium’s Bruges summary Bruges is one of the most spectacular canal cities in Belgium and Europe. But now the city is suffering from over-tourism and has reached the danger line.

Bruges, the spectacular cobblestone, canal city is overwhelmed by summer tourism and has reached the ‘red line’. About eight million tourists visit the city every year, most of whom come during the summer months. But this time Bruges has been hit by over-tourism, much to the surprise of its residents. However, they are not against tourism, because it is something that brings in money.

Travel Belgium’s Bruges For Tourists

However, residents believe things need to be balanced. Now that Bruges tourism levels have returned to pre-Covid levels, things are spiraling out of control. Cruise ships are grounded at the nearby port of Zeebrugge and passengers are facing extreme hardship.

Bruges is one of Europe’s most fascinating historic canal cities. Venice and Amsterdam are also experiencing a cruise crisis and both have taken measures to stop cruise ships. In fact, UNESCO has recommended putting Venice on the endangered list due to over-tourism.

Travel Belgium’s Bruges Crowde In Summer

Bruges and the Greek island of Rhodes are also on the list of most crowded European destinations. Not only this, Dubrovnik in Croatia has also been badly affected by over tourism.

The tourist authority in Bruges said mobile devices showed 131 visitors per 100 inhabitants per day.

“Bruges is often referred to as a mass tourist destination, but it’s not,” said tourism agency spokeswoman Anne Plowie. It is a misconception that the city is overcrowded. In fact, I cannot deny that there are many tourists, but you should come at different times and then you will see the difference.

In 2019, Bruges had to present a five-year strategy to attract visitors and promote overnight stays to generate interest in cultural and gastronomic experiences rather than taking selfies.


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