To go to office, do best makeup in just 5 minutes, just use these four makeup tools


Many times we do not have time and we have to reach office quickly. In such a situation, you can take help of these makeup tips to look beautiful in less time. Let us know in detail about what these are.

Working women have more responsibilities. Makes them pay attention to household work as well as office work.Like there is not enough time in the morning to get ready comfortably. Apart from wearing clothes, you also have to have breakfast or go to office while doing other work. In such a situation, there is no time left to do makeup and do one’s hair. But today we will learn how to do makeup in 5 minutes. Also what tools can you use to do it.Read more: Nutmeg can change skin Beauty color, these 4 common facial problems

How to do five minute makeup for going to office

  1. Apply foundation with sunscreen

First of all, you have to apply sunscreen mixed with foundation on your skin. This will add some light to your skin and also help in protecting it from sun damage. However, you can also apply primer. But, it is better to apply sunscreen by mixing it with foundation. Try to use gel or cream foundation for this.

  1. Apply eye liner

To go to office, you can instantly give yourself a different look by applying eye liner. It helps in enhancing the beauty of your eyes and giving you a fresh look. This does not make you look tired and upset. Also your eyes stand out separately. You can also apply kajal.

  1. Apply lipstick

Lipstick gives a different look to your face instantly. This makes you look glamorous. So, choose lipsticks in beautiful colors and stand out and look professional. However, for office you can also apply light or wine colored lipstick.

  1. Blush lightly

After this, apply a little blush to enhance the beauty of your face and balance the makeup. After this you have to keep your hair straight or make a bun or keep it as it is. Now you are completely ready to go to office. So, just follow these tips and get ready to go to office in just 5 minutes.

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