Breaking Down the Highly Anticipated ‘Ahsoka’ Trailer: What to Expect

Breaking Down the Highly Anticipated 'Ahsoka' Trailer What to Expect

The Ahsoka Tano show has been a long time coming for Star Wars fans. Since making her debut as Anakin’s young Padawan in the animated series The Clone Wars, George Lucas’s last Star Wars predicament, Ahsoka’s journey has been full of highs (getting one of the ballet’s most beloved and iconic characters) and lows. highly controversial addictive reactions) is a high-climb comber coaster. First conceived by Ashley Eckstein, the character was designed and created by artist Dave Filoni, now Lucasfilm’s Superintendent Creative Director, for The Clone Wars. Since her debut, the character has been taken from multiple seasons of The Clone Wars to Star Wars Revolutionaries and most recently to the Mandalorian Macrocosm, as she and her companion Ahsoka, now played by Rosario Dawson, to the live-action Life Force Let’s Move. Below, everything we know about the upcoming, highly anticipated Star Wars series, including Caravan.

When is the release date?

a week before its original premiere date of August 23, Star Wars has claimed that Ahsoka will actually move up a day and will now air on Disney August 22. Publish Tuesdays at 6 p.m Filoni announced the release month at Star Wars Fest 2023, a month after Disney confirmed the official date.

A teaser for the show premiered at Star Wars Fest 2023 and revealed that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is indeed playing the live-action Hera Syndulla. Mother! But Disney released an approved trailer on July 11 with a surprising new twist — one focused on Dawson’s Ahsoka as she works with Sabine and Hera to reap the rewards of returning the throne.

Who is in the Ahsoka cast?

While Ahsoka is easily Dawson’s show, Natasha Liu Bordizzo will star as Sabine Reigns, the other main character of Revolutionaries (raised by Tia Sarkar). Filoni also verified our objections that Winstead — whose involvement in the series was spoiled by her own husband, Obi-Wan Kenobi, in her own Vanity Fair cover story — would play Hera, who was nursed by Vanessa Marshall in Revolutionary. Caravan footage confirms Genevieve O’Reilly’s Mon Mothma has joined the cast as Ezra Bridger, alongside The Examination’s Iman Isfandi. This will be the character’s live-action debut after first appearing in The Revolutionist (portrayed by Taylor Grey). Ray Stevenson and Evanna Sakhno’s unnamed and possibly Sith (they’re wearing red cutlass!) villains also debut in Caravan.

The big question we have is whether Hayden Christensen could return as Darth Vader for Ahsoka. After the news was reported by THR in October 2021, Dawson wrote on her Instagram with the caption, “SkyGuys they know!!!” See you soon, Snipes. (Skyguy and Snipes are character nicknames for each other in The Clone Wars.) She immediately deleted the post. Dawson later told Vanity Fair for a June 2022 Star Wars cover story that he deleted the post after someone at Star Wars headquarters posted its subtext, You Might Want to Delete It.

What do we know about Ashoka’s story?

Ahsoka’s story has largely been kept a secret, that is until footage from Star Wars Fest 2022 confirms the addictive adventure. Ahsoka and Sabine are looking for Ezra Bridger and Thrawn, baby! In a short teaser shown to the crowd at the Mando panel, the Expendables watch Ahsoka confront her revolutionary nature while Bordizzo’s Sabine walks in to join her.

A little later, at Celebration 2023, the event and people online were treated to footage that reinforced the idea that Ahsoka was a revolutionary fixture rather than a Mandalorian derivative (though we’re sure Grogu and Din Pop would be bound in the same category). The teaser shows us Ahsoka growing closer to Sabine as she begins to hear rumors of the return of Thrawn, the blue-bearded royal who was “defeated” by the end of Revolutionaries. However, despite rumors of Thrawn’s return (as the “heir to the law of the conglomerate”) – there’s a full shot of the blue villain in the background fleet – the teaser shows that Sabine is still thinking about Ezra. , which has only been looked at intensively at one time. Seeing the growing trouble of the Hologram Empire, Winstead’s Hera says, “We must prepare for the worst. Will they have to find the next Jedi (aka Ahsoka and Ezra) as the group grows?

When is Ahsoka set in the Star Wars timeline?

While Star Wars Revolutionaries takes place about five times before the events of A New Hope, the new Ahsoka series will begin after her appearance in The Mandalorian season two. The Mandalorian series is set five times after the events of Return of the Jedi


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