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Skanda Review: ‘Skanda’ is a film produced by Srinivas Chitturi starring Ram Pothineni under the direction of Boyapati Srinu. How is this movie…

Movie Review: Skanda
Cast: Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela, Sai Manjrekar, Srikanth, Gautami, Prince, ‘Kaalkeya’ Prabhakar, Daggubati Raja, Ajay Purkar, Indraja etc. Lyrics: M. Ratnam Cinematography: Santosh Datek
Music:S Taman
Presenter: Pawan Kumar, Zee Studios
Producer: Srinivas Chitturi Story, Dialogues, Narration, Director: Boyapati Srinu
Release Date: September 28, 2023
Rating: 2.75/5

After the blockbuster ‘Akhanda’, Boyapati Srinu directed the film ‘Skanda’ (Skanda Movie). Action and family emotions were seen in the trailer. And how is the film (Skanda Review)?

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Story (Skanda Katha):

Preparations for the wedding of the daughter of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (Ajay Purkar) have been done in a grand manner. Moments before the muhurat, she wakes up with the son of the Chief Minister of Telangana (Sharath Lohitswa).

AP CM sends a person like Gunappam (Ram Pothineni) to bring his daughter. The Chief Minister of Telangana arranged the engagement of the daughter of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister with his son. On that day, Ram will take along with him the AP CM’s daughter as well as the Telangana CM’s daughter (Sri Leela). Actually, who is he? What is the relationship between jailed Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju (Srikanth), Ram Pothineni and the Chief Minister? This is the rest of the film.

Analysis (Skanda Review):

Show off on the silver screen It has everything an average movie goer could want. The films ‘Bhadra’, ‘Sinha’, ‘Legend’ and ‘Akhanda’ were very successful… Boyapati knew the pulse of the public. ‘Skanda’ also has the same mass.

The very beginning of ‘Skanda’ surprises the audience. Like Clash of Titans, Boyapati Srinu’s glory can be seen on screen for ten minutes. People will like both Ram’s intro and later action scenes in the film. The background music provided by Taman for those action sequences is also good. The twist that comes before the key scenes of ‘Skanda’ is pleasing. Collective action attracts a section of audience.

Velithi… Boyapati’s previous films have not had strong stories and narratives. Don’t really think about the logic. How did the hero go to the Chief Minister’s residence wearing a tractor? How were the action scenes shot? Don’t ask such questions. That’s it…to enjoy the magic of Boyapati Srinu on screen! There was blood splattered on the screen. Heads were cut off. Some viewers may not like him. You will be very upset if you cannot enjoy the destruction on screen. This film will be in the action style seen in Boyapati’s films in the past.

Boyapati was extremely successful in presenting Srinu Ram Pothineni as a mass hero. Construction prices are high. The background music of Taman is in commercial style. The songs are not as expected. Cinematography is super.

How actors have done it:

Ram Pothineni has played large-scale characters before. He played a kind of mass role in ‘Smart Shankar’. Next level original in ‘Skanda’! It must be said that Ram had never moved such a large mass before.

As a stubborn young man who bows his head no matter how strong the other side is, as a young man who risks his life for his father’s word… As a son Whom his parents love and respect… He has shown diversity. He also did some scenes in Telangana accent. However, devastation was shown in the action scenes. He killed the enemy like a tiger.

Sri Leela as Ram Pothineni has a limited role. Both of them make a good pair. Dance was also added to the songs. The length of Sai Manjrekar’s character is also less. But…his role is important in the story. Ajay Purkar, Sarath Lohitaswa, Srikanth, Daggubati Raja, Gautami, Indraja etc. played their roles well. In some scenes, he brought restraint to the respective characters.

At the end:

Director Boyapati Srinu’s action films are different from mass action films. He has a style in shooting action sequences. His working style is also in ‘Skanda’. But, family feelings are not as strong as expected. Emotions are not as strong as actions. Ram’s acting and those fights are impressive. Not ordinary action… a festival for audiences who enjoy intense group action! This movie is only for them!

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