Shahid Kapoor Stepmother Supriya Pathak reacted on her relationship with , told how is her bond with best ‘Kabir Singh’

Shahid Kapoor

Popular Bollywood actress Supriya Pathak recently opened up about her relationship with Shahid Kapoor and revealed how their bond is.

Supriya Pathak is a famous Bollywood actress. Everyone knows that she was married to Shahid Kapoor’s father Pankaj Kapoor. At the same time, Pankaj divorced his first wife Neelima in 1984. However, Neelima and Pankaj already had children. It also has Shahid Kapoor. Today everyone knows that Neelima and Shahid share a great bond and along with that Shahid also shares a special relationship with Supriya and Pankaj. Amidst all this, Supriya has recently spoken about her and Shahid’s bond.

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It was Supriya’s first meeting with Shahid Kapoor

Let us tell you that during a recent interview with Twinkle, Supriya talked about the time when she met Shahid for the first time. She revealed that she met Shahid when he was six years old. He was a very sweet child. He was very sweet and he had no different reaction and neither did I. So when we met, we immediately liked each other as people and I think that continued. Although many times he was not with us, so whenever he came and we always, we usually reacted to each other.

Supriya’s mother was not in favor of her marriage with Pankaj.

Let us tell you that during this Supriya also said that her mother Dina Pathak was never in favor of marriage with Pankaj Kapoor. Despite having two children, Dina worried about marriage that she had made the wrong decision. However, his sister Ratna Pathak Shah was in his favor.

Supriya will be seen in this film

Let us tell you that Supriya will soon be seen in Khichdi 2. The teaser of which has been released recently. Like every time, Rajeev, Vandana and Kriti will be seen along with him in this film. The film will release in theaters on October 17.

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