Sawan Special Recipe: Make delicious and healthy Makhana Barfi in the month of Sawan.


Sawan Special Recipe:

You can also make Makhana Barfi during the Monday fast of Sawan. This barfi is very tasty and healthy. How can you make this barfi quickly at home? Let us learn the easy recipe of this barfi.

Some dishes are popularly eaten in the month of Sawan. This includes many things made from ghevar and maize. In the month of Sawan, many people keep fast on Sawan Monday. This fast is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In such a situation, during this fast you can also make Makhana Barfi. This barfi is very easy to make and healthy. Besides, the taste is such that you will feel like eating Makhana Barfi again and again.Read more: Health Avoid eating these 5 things at night, can cause stomach pain and acidity

You can make this barfi even if guests have suddenly arrived at home. You will not need too many ingredients to make this. Let us know here how you can prepare Makhana Barfi instantly.

Ingredients of Makhana Barfi

Makhana – 2 to 2.5 cups

Cashew nuts – half cup

Coconut powder – half cup

Sugar – half cup

cardamom powder

Dry fruits – (chopped to garnish)

How to make Makhana Barfi

step 1

First of all, fry the makhana in a pan. Fry them until they turn light brown.

Step – 2

After this, fry the cashews in the pan. Roast coconut powder.

Step – 3

After this put cashew nuts in the mixer. Make its powder. Similarly, put the Makhana in the mixer and make powder.

Step – 4

Now take cashew and makhana powder in a big bowl. Add coconut powder in it.

Step – 5

Add some cardamom powder. Mix all these things well.

Step – 6

After this, heat half liter milk on the pan. Add half cup sugar in it. Add all the dry fruits powders in it.

Step – 7

All these things have to be cooked for 20 minutes. This has to be done until the mixture starts leaving the pan from the sides.

Step – 8

Now take out this mixture in a greased tray. Spread it well in the plate. Add chopped dry fruits on it.

Step – 9

Now keep it in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours. This will set it well.

Step – 10

After this, cut it into small pieces in the shape of barfi. After this serve barfi. You can also serve it as dessert after dinner.

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