Raksha Bandhan Shayari

Raksha Bandhan Shayari

Raksha Bandhan Shayari: Rakshabandhan is a Hindu festival, in this festival, the sister expresses her love by tying a rakhi on her brother’s hand, and the brother promises to protect his sister, and also gives some gift along with it. . This is a unique bond of brother-sister love. This is an unbreakable bond linked from the depths of the heart.

Regarding this unique relationship of brother and sister, we have written poetry on the festival of Raksha Bandhan, which if you like it, do not forget to share it with your brother and sister. In this post, you are sharing Rakshabandhan Shayari, Raksha bandhan love shayari with you. We request that all of you friends will like these poetry written on the love of brother and sister, so let’s start reading the beautiful poetry of what is the delay.

raksha bandhan shayari

This Raksha Bandhan has given the gift of lots of happiness
That’s why sisters have given love on brother’s wrist..!!

There is the sweet of affection and the tilak of respect
Lucky is that brother on whose wrist
The love of your sister is destined.!!

not with silk thread
Don’t know how many promises are tied
These threads tell the story of sour and sweet memories..!

He is dear to the sisters, he is the darling of the mother.
That precious gem is our brother..!

Rakhi has only shown her face
otherwise brotherly love
So the depth of the sea is..!

i want to tease you all my life
I have to stay with you while fighting..!

are incomplete without each other
rakhi and wrist
Clay is one, effigies are two
Sister and her brother..!

Dear brother, tie your wrist
silk thread on
to honor it
Promise to be together forever..!

raksha bandhan shayari English

hard life
you are my only support
more beautiful than the moon
Where my brother is dear..!

i am your lovely sister
it’s your duty to protect
on your wrist
This is the bond of my love..!

with brotherly love
the whole world is enchanted
sweets on raksha bandhan
Enjoyed the dishes..!

am a risk player
win every time
just a lovely sister
for which your
Holding the wrist..!

bound by love
it’s a relationship of the heart
Do not break even after breaking
It is the relation of brother and sister..!

raksha bandhan shayari two line
This bond is the love of brothers and sisters
just as soft as silk
This bond is the promise of protection..!

one of protection and affection
Rakhi is the formula of brother and sister
Rakhi is the exclusive love thread..!

oh sister protect me
from your friends
see how it shoots
Killer with your eyes..!

remembering sister on rakhi
soldier tears up
protecting the country on the border
He dies every moment in the memory of his sister..!

This is the best of that God for me
priceless jewel got by great luck
I love my sister so much on this Rakhi..!

the courtyard is empty without you
Now who fulfills my stubbornness
You bring those things, those laughs
Brother, you should come on this Rakshabandhan..!

Let’s get a Rakhi from this Raksha Bandhan
Tie your sister too so that she too
Trust that I am capable of protecting you..!

raksha bandhan shayari for brother

in a heart-to-heart relationship
Rakhi is the feeling of love
Every festival is precious anyway..!
But the most special festival is Rakhi..!

sister from my wrist
the one who ties rakhi
his dua trouble sir
Never comes to me..!

This brother who is proud of his sisters
Kohinoor is rarer than rare
There is always a rule in the heart of the mother, but
Where do they go away even from father’s love..!

no matter how far the brother and sister
love does not diminish with silk thread
Make this relation which never ends..!

Rakshabandhan has come, this is the festival of protection.
Look at the colors in monsoon
Holy is the love of our own..!

sending love in the thread of rakhi
the happiness of the world
Sending prayers for brother..!

Stay safe I pray
I wait so much from God
on this auspicious thread festival
Here I am tying Rakhi to you today..!

They fight and are afraid too, but their lives are on them
Basti is that brother who has his own laugh
Sisters dance with happiness seeing him smiling..!

who calls me yours today
that love makes a man weak
just look at sister’s love resham
Strengthens the thread of..!

Final words on Raksha bandhan shayari

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