Prakash Raj apologizes to Kannadiga community Siddharth, whose press conference was disrupted by protesters


Prakash Raj apologized to Siddharth for the protests that led to the Tamil star walking out of his film’s promotional event in Bengaluru.

A day after Tamil actor Siddharth walked out of an event during the promotion of his new film Chitha, actor and politician Prakash Raj has apologized to him on behalf of the ‘sahrudaya’ (tender-hearted) Kannadigas.Read more: Vishal, Censor Board officials will be investigated, ‘Mark Antony’ actor accused of taking bribe

Sharing a video of the incident, Prakash wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Instead of questioning all political parties and their leaders for failing to resolve this decades-old issue… instead of asking those useless MPs who are not pushing. Centre. Interfering.. Harassing common man and artists like this is unacceptable.. As Kannadigas.. On behalf of Kannadigas, sorry #Siddharth #JustTasking.

Opposition to Siddhartha’s program in Bengaluru

Siddharth was promoting his new film Chitta in Bengaluru when some pro-Kannada protesters came to the venue shouting slogans. He demanded that the actor should leave the place. Opponents claimed that this is not the right time for them to do so as Tamil Nadu is demanding Cauvery water from Karnataka. A PTI report said that the people who disrupted Sidharth’s press event were members of the Karnataka Raksha Vedic Swabhimani Sena.


Directed and written by SU Arun Kumar, Chitha is a Tamil film starring Nimisha Sajayan alongside Siddharth. Chitta tells the story of an uncle and his niece. It has received mostly positive reviews.

Cauvery water sharing dispute

After the Cauvery Water Regulation Committee (CWRC) directed Karnataka to ensure the release of 3000 cusecs of Cauvery water to Biligundlu from September 28 to October 15, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are once again at loggerheads.

With many talukas in the state declared drought-hit, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah expressed dismay at the new instructions. Pro-Kannada organizers have announced a state-wide bandh.

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