Oracle Global Data Services by Y V Ravi Kumar Book

Oracle Global Data Services by Y V Ravi Kumar Book

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Overview: New to Oracle Global Data Services? You’ve come to the right place. This book will show you how to leverage the power of Oracle GDS to ensure runtime load balancing, region affinity, replication lag tolerance-based workload routing, and inter-database service failover. In particular, you will see how to maximize the utilization of replication investments with Oracle GDS.

The book starts by guiding you through the installation and configuration of GDS and provides details for each component in the GDS framework. Next, you’ll learn how to configure various components of Oracle GDS in standalone environments. Hands-on exercises that explore the advantages of GDS with different test cases utilizing Active Data Guard (ADG), Oracle GoldenGate (OGG), and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) will help you put your learning in context. The book concludes with a demonstration of how to add Oracle GDS to OEM for monitoring and troubleshooting. You’ll also see how to monitor Oracle GDS in a centralized location using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

After completing this book, you will understand the architecture, components, and implementation strategies of GDS using ADG and OGG in mission-critical environments.

What You Will Learn

Understand Oracle Global Data Services architecture and its various components
Install and configure Oracle Global Data Services
Use Global Data Services with Active Data Guard and Oracle Golden Gate.
Monitor Global Data Services using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.
Troubleshoot issues in Global Data Services

Who This Book Is For

Oracle database administrators, Oracle database architects, Oracle technical managers, Oracle application business analysts, and Oracle data engineers.

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