North Korea Kim Jong Un sacked his army general, ordered preparations for war, what’s in the dictator’s mind?

North Korea Kim Jong Un sacked his army general

North Korea Kim Jong: North Korea has made a big change in its army. North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has sacked the top general of his army. Along with this, he has asked to make his military preparations according to the war. He also asked to boost the production of weapons.

Pyongyang: North Korea is once again working to increase tension. North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has sacked the army’s top general and asked for more preparations for the possibility of war. He has called for boosting arms production and expanding military exercises. North Korea’s official media KCNA has given this information. The report said that Kim discussed plans for retaliatory measures to deter North Korea’s enemies at a meeting of the Central Military Commission.

However, the name of the enemies was not taken in the report. KCNA reported that General Ri Yong Gil was nominated to replace the army’s top general, Chief of the General Staff Pak Su Il. However, it is not clear whether Ri will continue in his role as Defense Minister. The report further said that Kim also aimed to expand weapons production capacity. Last week he visited arms factories, where he called for more and more missile engines, artillery and other weapons to be made.

Is Kim Jong giving arms to Russia? – North Korea Kim Jong

Photos released by KCNA showed Kim pointing to a map of Seoul and areas around the South Korean capital. The US has accused North Korea of providing Russia with weapons for the war in Ukraine, including artillery shells, rockets and missiles. Russia and North Korea have denied those claims.

asked the military to be ready

Kim Jong Un has asked his army to prepare for war with the latest military weapons. North Korea is scheduled to hold a military parade on September 9, the 75th anniversary of its Independence Day. North Korea has several paramilitary groups, which it uses to strengthen its military forces. The US and South Korea are scheduled to hold military exercises from August 21 to 24. North Korea sees this as a threat against itself.


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