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Love Quotes

Love Quotes: Friends, the fun of love is something different. When we love a person, we start liking every single thing about him. It seems that I just have to leave worldly affairs and be with my love. In this way two souls meet. This feeling is very beautiful.

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If you also feel this feeling and are searching for love quotes for your love on Google, then this post is especially for you. Today in this post we have shared Romantic love quotes, Husband wife love quotes. Which you can share with the person you love very much.

Romantic Love Quotes

When desire becomes love
colorless life itself is happy
It starts happening..!!

I can survive even with half a loaf of bread
But I want you and your love completely..!!

There is something special about you otherwise we would be like this
Was not one to lose heart easily..!!

There is something about you otherwise we
Was not one to lose heart so easily..!!

body kissing is a custom today
True lovers wear hair..!!

From holding hands to a lifetime
Walking together is love..!!

If we accept you as life now
If we separate, I will embrace death..!!

If you get tired, I will carry you in my arms
Just hold my hand and see, darling
I will spread only happiness on my path..!!

I felt this feeling when I met you
for someone for a lifetime
Can wait..!!

trust me my love
I will fight not only the society but the whole world for you..!!

Love Quotes in English

I don’t know you but my heart never
I will never be ready without you
Will not love anyone..!!

those who understand mind and silence
No one can love you more than a human being..!!

love is the answer to love
is its principle or arises from it
Which is never written in destiny..!!

I am beginning to separate from myself
your precious love
Bought me too..!!

Punishment for every little mistake you make
Will be recovered from your juicy lips..!!

The first thing you do when you come online
reply to me
Otherwise I will pick it up from home some day..!!

Every promise I made to you, my last breath
I will fulfill this condition till
That you are mine, just stay mine..!!

I didn’t fall in love with you after seeing your face
but yes on your smile
I have lost my heart a lot..!!

Love Quotes in English for Girlfriend

once you meet me you get so much
will kiss that
You won’t be able to miss it again..!!

That’s why love has kept me noble
We are silent otherwise your brother also knows
Who is that brother in law..!!

The path that leads to your heart
We are travelers on the same path..!!

My brain was faster than a computer
But you said I LOVE YOU
It has been hacked..!!

Doom is your earring which dangled on the cheeks
I came to tell you my heartfelt feelings
And I forgot to say..!!

The boy who sees your picture
you become happy just think
How much love will he have for you..!!

you are in my heart like this
That I think of you first before myself..!!

I will love you like this
Even if the whole world is against it
But I will marry you only..!!

my love you are very special to me
That’s why your mother is my mother-in-law from now on..!!

Babu, this life is yours, this heart is also yours.
And you are my life, I have rights on you
Also only mine..!!

I love your beauty
Looks like a fairy from the sky
She has come to the ground..!!

Why should I care what the world says
I am relieved about this
That you call me yours..!!

He trusts every word and every action
Not only this, we have deep love for Mohtarma..!!

let’s convince someone else now
We agree, mother and father agree, let’s get married..!!

Out of a population of crores, one person is my friend
even if unknowingly
I love him so much..!!

I feel like tormenting you all day long
I love you so much but I don’t understand
How should I tell..!!

the world doesn’t matter
When two hearts are loyal to each other..!!

Sometimes love has a thousand colors
tears of joy sometimes
The pain is immense..!!

True love quotes in English

I don’t care about you, I don’t care about you
We don’t even think about that thought..!!

I get the feeling of having a husband.
my beloved when i
Okay, she calls saying ji..!!

I want to meet you like this too
with my head in your lap
I have to say everything in my heart..!!

i found a person like this
In which I have a BEST FRIEND
And SOULMATE both found..!!

just look back
Don’t turn away like that
It seems that the mistake has been caught.
Now please accept it..!!

I loved your soul
Will continue till death comes
So what if our love is one sided
We will love you all our life..!!

What are you, how are you, these things are useless
I accept you as you are..!!

No matter how much trouble you give me my love
But I am happy with you
It is achieved only by living..!!

Love quotes for husband in English

If I have promised, I will definitely keep it.
I have told my mother
I will bring you as my daughter-in-law..!!

For the happiness of your love
stay away from him and
make gumo your companion
This is true love!

Why did you lose sight of me, heart Rukhsaar?
It happened in no time
Fell in love with you..!!

keep everyone after me you are only mine
Always remember this thing..!!

You are the spring in my lifeless life.
You are the rose that makes my breath fragrant..!!

i know how to say no
know how to say no
But I love you a lot..!!

No matter what ad is there in WhatsApp and Insta
But in my heart you are the only one
Add it my love..!!

Sweetheart, take care of your eyes
I am drowning in it somewhere
May I not become addicted to love..!!

how much love
can’t show in heart
your name from my heart
Can’t erase..!!

the distance should not increase
That’s why we don’t express
I love you so much
Just afraid of getting separated from you..!!

Now no one will come into my heart
I have wasted all my love on you..!!

I have soaked my words with your memories
I will write anything now only you
Will be seen..!!

ever our love from the heart
try it and see
If you too don’t fall in love then tell me..!!

Is this love or what?
after seeing you
Don’t feel like seeing anyone else..!!

Every movement of yours pleases this heart
I don’t know why I miss you all the time..!!

I want to drink the ocean of your love
Life has to be lived only by being with you..!!

there is something between us
otherwise why do you remember me and
You make people smile in times of loneliness..!!

I am afraid of you these days
with killer manners
looking at your loose locks of mine
My heart is fluttering..!!

sorry about this
that despite wanting so much
He called my love childish!

upon giving my oath
who used to come in one turn
Today I swear for the first time
Didn’t even look back!

Final words on Love quotes in English

Today in this post you read love quotes in English. Friends, please share these quotes with the person you truly love. Believe me, his love for you will become even deeper. If you are new in love and are not able to express your feelings to your love, then you can take the help of these love quotes.

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