Kangana Ranaut gets emotional, welcomes her nephew Akshathama Ranaut for the first time

Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut has shared several pictures of her brother Akshat Ranaut and sister-in-law Ritu Ranaut welcoming a baby boy. Aunty Kangana took to Instagram on Friday to share the good news with her fans and followers.

Kangana Ranaut shared pictures with her mother, sister Rangoli, brother Akshat Ranaut and sister-in-law Ritu and baby Akshat Ranaut.Read more: Debina Banerjee is all set to explore her inner love during Durga Puja

Kangana Ranaut revealed the baby’s name

In a note written in Hindi, Kangana revealed that the family has named her nephew Akshattama Ranaut. Ashwatthama has mythological significance. In the Mahabharata, Ashwatthama fought on the Kaurava side against the Pandavas in the Battle of Kurukshetra. After receiving the blessings of Lord Shiva, he became Chiranjeevi (immortal). His nephew’s name is a combination of his brother’s names Akshat and Ashwatthama.

Kangana Ranaut posted the first pictures of the baby

In the first post, Kangana shared some photos of herself, her mother, sister Rangoli Chandel spending their first few moments with the newborn at the hospital. Kangana was seen in a pink saree with a baby on her lap. His mother also kept the child with her. All looked emotional in these pictures.

Kangana Ranaut wrote a note

She captioned the post, “Today on this auspicious day our family is blessed with a baby boy, my brother @aksht_ranaut and his wife @ritu_ranaut002 are blessed with a baby boy. We have named this amazing and adorable baby boy Aksthama Ranaut (Ashwatthama Ranaut). May you all bless the new member of our family, we share our eternal happiness with you all. Grateful for you. Ranawat family.”

Kangana Ranaut dedicated a note to her sister-in-law

In another post, he targeted his sister-in-law Ritu. Kangana has shared pictures of the baby with her parents. He wrote, “My dear @ritu_ranaut002 so happy to see you transform from a smiling girl to a wonderful woman and now a humble mother. All my love and blessings for this wonderful chapter in your and @aksht_ranaut’s life. Yours.” happy family Makes a beautiful photo that fills my heart in a way that I may never be able to describe in words.

About Kangana Ranaut’s projects

She will next be seen in Sarvesh Mewada’s Tejas, which will hit the theaters on October 27. She also has Emergency in which she will play late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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