Health Tips – People who are breathless while climbing stairs can be victims of these 4 diseases, do not ignore this serious symptom

Health Tips - People who are breathless while climbing stairs can be victims of these 4 diseases, do not ignore this serious symptom

Health Tips – If you are short of breath while climbing stairs, then you should be a little cautious because in reality it can be the cause of many health-related problems.

Breathlessness while climbing stairs – Health Tips

Many times people get breathless while climbing the stairs. But, many people ignore this considering it normal. Whereas, doing so can cause many health-related problems. Yes, because shortness of breath is not a common thing, but it can be a serious symptom of many diseases. How, then tell that there are two reasons behind shortness of breath. The first reason is that your lungs are not working properly and there is a decrease in the oxygen level. Health Tips The second reason is the disturbances in the functioning of your heart due to which the blood circulation is not correct, extra pressure is coming and breathlessness is taking place. So, both these conditions can be caused by some diseases. How do you know?

Causes of breathlessness while climbing stairs Health Tips

  1. Asthma disease – Asthma

People who have asthma problem and it is not managed properly, then the problem of breathlessness can be seen in such patients while climbing stairs. This condition actually tells that the condition of your lungs is very bad. Apart from this, you should go to the doctor and manage it with the right lifestyle.

  1. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is usually a problem of smokers. The lungs of such people get damaged from inside and then you may become breathless while climbing stairs. In such a situation, see a doctor and get yourself treated properly.

  1. Obesity

Obese patients may become short of breath while climbing stairs. In fact, weight gain makes it difficult for the muscles to take deep breaths and exhale rapidly because of the extra weight on the wall of the lungs. This impairs the brain’s control of breathing and leads to shortness of breath when climbing stairs and breathing rapidly.

  1. Atrial fibrillation

In atrial fibrillation, the heart beats faster. It could actually be due to a blockage. What happens is that your muscles are not ready for the sudden acceleration while climbing stairs. The result is that your lungs work overtime to supply more air to your body, which can make you feel very puffy and short of breath. So, do not ignore this symptom and see a doctor.


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