Funny Jokes: Will the salesman sir take powder for cockroaches? Pappu, no, we don’t care about cockroaches so much

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Funny Jokes: Just as food, water and air are necessary to live, similarly your laughter also plays an important role in keeping you healthy. If you develop the habit of laughing morning and evening, then no disease, whether mental or physical, will come to you.

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Viral Jokes – It is important to laugh. (funny jokes)

Husband and wife were walking in the market holding hands,
Seeing them, my friend said, so much love even after so many years…
Husband: Brother, what kind of love is that, as soon as you let go of my hand, she enters the shop.

Will the salesman sir buy powder for cockroaches?
Pappu, no, we don’t pamper cockroaches that much!
If you apply powder today, tomorrow you will ask for fogg.
Salesman unconscious!!!

It is raining lightly…
I started feeling like eating something good….
Told my wife – Make only what you make best..!!
Then ?
Then what, she sat down with a grimace.

Chintu’s mother’s health deteriorated and she was taken to the hospital.
Doctor said there will be 2 tests.
Chintu started crying loudly, Oh God, what will happen now?
My mother is illiterate.

Chintu- I will not go to school from tomorrow, master does not know anything.
Papa: Why, what happened?
Chintu- He asks me the answers to all the questions.

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