Funny jokes: Tinku started crying while drinking, after knowing the reason you will start laughing out loud

Funny jokes

Funny jokes: Every moment of life feels good in a laughing and positive environment. Laughter plays an important role in lifestyle to get relief from stress. That’s why to keep you happy, we have come up with things which will make your face smile after reading them.Read more: Majedar Chutkule: 5 इन मजेदार चुटकुले को पढ़कर आप हंस हंसकर हो जाएंगे लोटपोट

Funny jokes: Tinku

Dad- Son, bring me a glass of water,
First boy- I will not bring,
Second boy- Leave it papa, he is just rude.
You take it yourself and bring a glass for me too.

Tinku – Started crying while drinking alcohol during Valentine’s week.
Minku – What happened… why are you crying?
Tinku – Man, I can’t remember the name of the girl whom I was drinking to forget.

Husband- Do you know English?
Wife- Yes very much
Husband- Then tell me its English, ‘I will kill you’…
Wife: Fuck the English, show me your hand first.

Chantu said to Mantu- These LIC people are amazing people.
Mantu asked- how?
Chantu said – Bastard, sitting next to someone else’s wife,
Explain to them the benefits that will accrue after the death of their husband.

A man was walking wearing small shoes.
Golu- Uncle ji, where did you get this shoe from?
The man said irritably – Plucked from the tree.
Golu: If we had to break it, we would have done it after two months, something big would have happened.

An engineering student was standing on the terrace.
Neighbor: So son, what have you thought next?
Student- That’s it uncle, as soon as the tank is filled, I will switch off the motor.

A stray boy on a deserted road saw a girl and said – Will you come with me?
Girl – Where?
Boy – Wherever you say.
Girl: Okay, then let’s go to the police station.
Boy: Tell me, now the guy can’t even joke with his sister.

Mosquito’s son went on a flight for the first time today and when he returned in the morning after staying out all night, his father asked – how was it, son?
Son said- Wonderful… Everyone was welcoming me with applause.

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