Funny Jokes in English : Tina was tensed due to hair fall, said this funny thing when asked by a friend

Funny Jokes

funny jokes:Every moment of life feels good in a laughing and positive environment. To get relief from stress, laughter plays an important role in the lifestyle, that is why to keep you happy, we have brought funny jokes viral on social media. Your face will light up after reading them.Read more: Funny Jokes

Funny Jokes


Two girls were fighting for a seat on the bus
Conductor- Hey why are you fighting?
The one who is oldest should sit
Then what, both of them remained standing the entire way.


Tina- Man, my hair is falling a lot.
Meena- Why?
Tina- Out of worry, friend.
Meena- What are you worried about, friend?
Tina- Hair fall.


Teacher- Tell me, what will happen if a planet collides with the Earth?
There will be a sound of Situ-Tunn.
Teacher- Why?
Situ- Because this world…this world has become brass.


Once Gatru’s father took him to see the forest.
Saw a snake hanging on a tree there,
Gatru- Hey snake.. Nothing will happen by hanging, tell mom to give her Complan.


Tinku- Hello love how are you, “I Miss you so much”
Woman: You are saying Chintu, right?
Tinku- Oh wow, he recognized me just by my voice…
Woman: Your father’s name is Hiralal, isn’t it?
Tinku- Shocked yes, absolutely right
Woman: And your grandfather’s name is Banwarilal?
Tinku- Hey, it seems you have become crazy about me, you have started keeping all my details.
Woman: Hey donkey, I am your mother.
Tinku- Why are you joking Pammi?
A voice comes from the other side: Hey idiot, you have mistakenly dialed Mummy’s number instead of Pammi’s, come home and then I will tell you.


A beggar found a 100 rupee note
He went to a five star hotel and had a hearty meal.
A bill of Rs 1500 came, he told the manager, there is no money
The manager handed him over to the police
The beggar gave 100 rupee note to the police and went free
It is called…
Financial Management without MBA in India.


Woman- Doctor sir, my husband has started talking in his sleep! What should I do?
Doctor- Give him a chance to speak during the day.

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