Fans dream of Taylor Swift as an X-Men pop star

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Speculated to Join Deadpool 3 Cast as Mutant Dazzler

Apart from singing and songwriting, Taylor Swift has also tried her hand at acting. He has acted in films like Cats, Amsterdam and The Giver, but none of them were successful. Now, a fan artist has imagined what would happen if Swift joined the cast of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 as the X-Men more: Mission Raniganj holding the hand of lost Akshay Kumar? Kiladi has come to tell the dark story of the coal mine

Fan artist, @bosslogic, posted an Instagram photo of Swift as Dazzler, a mutant who can turn sound into light. Dazzler is a pop star in the comics and made a brief appearance in X-Men: The Animated Series. Given her musical talent and popularity, Taylor Swift would be perfect for the role.

Fan art has sparked some rumors that Swift may actually play Dazzler in Deadpool 3, which will see several X-Men characters make their MCU debut.

The Grammy Award-winning Deadpool star is known to be friends with Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively. If Dazzler is a part of Deadpool 3, it won’t be difficult for Reynolds to convince Swift to join the film.

This would be a smart and meta casting choice that fits the tone of Deadpool, but could also help Taylor Swift’s acting career. His previous films have not fared well critically or commercially, and he may need a major Marvel Studios film to boost his reputation as an actor.

However, these are all just speculations. There is no confirmation that Dazzler will be in Deadpool 3. The film may only have room for cameos from Marvel veterans who have yet to appear in the MCU.

Deadpool 3 is rumored to feature some of the original X-Men cast, and they may be dominated by new characters who don’t have a significant role in the live-action film. But if Dazzler ever appears on the big screen, Taylor Swift would be the obvious choice to portray her.

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