D.Imman Jish created a storm: Sivakarthikeyan betrayed me, I will never forget


Tamil musician Imman recently opened up about his ongoing differences with Sivakarthikeyan. He said he would never work with him in this life.

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In short

  • All is not well between D Imman and Sivakarthikeyan.
  • Imman revealed that she will not be working with Sivakarthikeyan in future.
  • He said he could not reveal more about it due to the well-being of his children.

Tamil composer D. Imman and actor Sivakarthikeyan have given super hit songs. In a recent interview with a YouTube channel, Imman addressed the rift between them and said that she will never work with Sivakarthikeyan in this lifetime. Without revealing what the matter was, Imman revealed that Sivakarthikeyan cheated on her in such a way that her life changed completely.

D Imman talks about his differences with Sivakarthikeyan

In the early stages of Sivakarthikeyan’s career, music director Imman gave many chartbuster hits, which are still ruling everyone’s playlists. However, it has been many years since they collaborated.

Recently, in an interview with Wah Tamiza YouTube channel, Imman admitted that he is not on speaking terms with Sivakarthikeyan.It’s for personal reasons. It was a big betrayal of trust on his part. Maybe, if he was an actor and I was a music director in the next lifetime, we could do it. Do it.” Work together.”

When Ima was asked further, she said, “This is how people cheat others. I had no idea and only found out what he had done later. So, I will not work with him.” Future. For my part, I faced it. But, I cannot reveal what he said. If I remain silent and hide certain aspects, it is only because of the welfare of my children.

I don’t care if society thinks bad.This is my main concern. Nothing beyond this is under my control. Some things happen by accident and you can’t question why it happened to you.”

“I am not saying that Sivakarthikeyan is solely responsible for what happened to me. But, it is an important reason. I have spent a long time with him and his family. I cannot accept that it was coming from him. It doesn’t mean he was responsible for my pain and suffering,” he explained.

Imman further revealed that she was constantly being asked when she would join hands with Sivakarthikeyan. There is such a thing as forgiveness and human beings have flaws. We can forgive, but we can’t forget some things.

This is a creative space and it would be difficult for me to forget everything and work with it. If I did, I don’t think I could be true to my art. I am not a person who worries about money. i work for that. I cannot betray my music. I have to be 100 percent true to my art. It is impossible to forget it and compose for it.”

Imman and Sivakarthikeyan’s films

Sivakarthikeyan began his career as a stand-up comedian and eventually shifted to television, where he hosted reality shows. Later he ventured into films and is now one of the leading heroes of the Tamil film industry.

Imman is one of the famous music composers of Tamil film industry. The two have worked together in five films – ‘Manam Kothi Parvai’, ‘Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam’, ‘Rajanimurugan’, ‘Seemaraja’ and ‘Namma Veetu Pillai’.

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