Chandramukhi 2 Twitter Review: Baby! You won’t be able to sleep for days after this movie

Chandramukhi 2

Raghav Lawrence Kangana Ranaut: ‘Chandramukhi 2’ is a big budget film featuring Bollywood star heroine Kangana Ranaut in the title role of Raghav Lawrence. Let’s see how the audience reacts to the film’s release today (September 28) via Twitter.

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Star choreographer and actor Raghav Lawrence as the protagonist. Bollywood star heroine Kangana Ranaut is in the title role in the big budget film ‘Chandramukhi 2‘. The film is being produced by Subhaskaran under the banner of top production house Lyka Productions and directed by senior director P. has been done by Vasu. This film was brought to the audience as a sequel to the film Chandramukhi which was released 17 years ago.

chandramukhi 2 trailer hindi

Made with a huge budget, the film was released as a pan India film in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam languages. The film will release in theaters today (September 28). But some viewers who have seen the premiere of this film are saying on Twitter that how is the film as a place? Raghav Lawrence is saying how scared Kangana was. Looking at the tweets received so far, it can be said that the film has received an average buzz.

It can be seen in the tweets that Raghav Lawrence’s acting in the film has been praised. From the audience opinion, the first half was average and the second half was okay. Viewers say that the music and flashback scenes in the film are not good. Overall this movie is average.

Otherwise, Keerwani’s tweet about this film is now going viral. Expressing her opinion, Keeravani said that after watching the film she was scared and did not sleep for two months. Along with this, a netizen reposted this tweet and said that he booked the ticket by trusting Keeravani and respecting his words. But how much Kangana was afraid of Chandramukhi 2? Will this Chandramukhi beat the then Chandramukhi? Even if the public’s views come out with a thorough review, nothing can be said.

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