Bhagavanth kesari Movie Review Balakrishna like never before..SriLeela Top Performance..

Bhagavanth kesari
Cast:Nandamuri Balakrishna, Kajal Aggarwal, Sreeleela, Arjun Rampal, Priyanka Jawalkar, R Sarath Kumar, Raghubabu, John Vijay, VTV Ganesh and others, Writer: Anil Ravipudi, Producer: Sahu Garapathi, Harish Peddi, Cinematography: C Ramprasad,
Music:Thaman S
Banner:Shine Screen
Length:164 minutes
Release Date:2023-10-19

Story of Bhagavanth kesari

Nelkonda Bhagavanth Kesari (Nandamuri Balakrishna), who is released from jail, tries to make Vijji alias Vijayalakshmi (Sreeleela), who has been brought up under his care, physically and mentally strong to join the army. . But Vijji ignores the advice and instructions of Bhagavanth kesari, who calls him Chicha, because he does not want to join the army. Vijji falls in love with her classmate in college and wants to move away from her chicha. In this sequence, Rahul Singhvi (Arjun Rampal) chases Vijji to kill him.

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Twist in Bhagavanth kesari

Why did Bhagavanth kesari take the responsibility of taking care of Vijji? What are Vijji’s mental weaknesses? What is the reason for Vijji’s mental weakness? What happened after Vijji decided to stay away from Bhagavanth kesari? Why did industrialist Rahul Singhvi want to kill Viji? What is Rahul Singhvi’s rivalry with Bhagavanth kesari? How did Bhagavanth kesari try to stop Rahul Singhvi’s anarchy? What is the relation of Bhagavanth kesari, Katyayini (Kajal Aggarwal) with Vijji? Has Vizzy finally joined the army? What lesson did Bhagavanth kesari teach Rahul Singhvi? Who is Bhagavanth kesari? Why did Bhagavanth kesari go to jail? The story of the film Bhagavanth kesari is the answer to these questions.

How is the first stop?

The film starts in a very interesting way with the Nelakonda Bhagavanth kesari jail episode scene. An attempt has been made to indicate the range of the film with the strong entry of Balakrishna. But due to putting too much effort into expanding the story, many scenes in the first half seem very boring and slow moving. Anil Ravipudi seems to have taken some risks to tell the story in a detailed manner. But as soon as we get into the actual story, the story picks up pace. In the first part, Vijji’s wedding scene and the interval scene are not only the highlights but also give the feeling that we are watching a different Anil Ravipudi film. An emotional and crazy end to the first half and a good turn at the interval will raise expectations for the second half.

Second part with emotional elements

Bhagavanth kesari’s flash back story routine in the second half has gone slowly as it started as a routine. But once Sreeleela’s training begins, it becomes clear that the film has moved into other territory. The film picks up pace from a very emotional episode in school. After this, the scene in which Bhagwant talks about Kesari makes you feel that the film has gone into the family zone. Anil Ravipudi’s way of handling the characters of Vijji and Bhagavanth kesari is brilliant. And Sreeleela and Balayya coming into action mode in the climax is a treat for the fans. Arguments aside…Bhagavanth kesari is a good entertainer and the family finds him emotionally appealing.

Anil Ravipudi with a different perspective

Anil Ravipudi has not only hit the net as a director with comedy and action films but has also achieved success with his talent. But presenting the audience with an unexpected story with Bhagavanth kesari is a risk. The main attraction is the way of handling the combination of Balayya and Srileela. It can be said that he has shown maturity as a director by trying to tell the story in a pure manner without going into songs.

Balayya and Sreeleela in Never Before Characters

When it comes to actors… it can be said that Balakrishna tried to re-establish himself with the film Bhagavanth kesari. Anil Ravipudi excelled on the path set by him without paying attention to the business elements that have become his strengths and weaknesses. Bhagavanth kesari Balayya laughs…whistles. He sheds tears. Apart from this he is also emotional.

Sreeleela gave a range performance. Vizi in the role of Chichara Pidigula As an innocent, Chichara is an emotional character who changes herself for the sake of ambition. Through this film, she told the audience that there is a mass and action heroine inside her, who till now saw her only as a dancer. Kajal Aggarwal’s role will be present in the film. But he could not be elevated among Balayya and Srili. Arjun Rampal, Brahmaji, John Vijay, Sarath Kumar and others are convincing in their roles with a different kind of villainy.

About Taman BGM

When it comes to the performance of the technical departments.. it can be said that all the departments have given a good output to this film in a balanced manner. Especially the cinematography work is very good. The scenes of the jungle and Hyderabad were beautifully captured on camera. Secretariat, Ambedkar area was shown well. When it comes to music, Taman’s music works in favor of this film. When it comes to BGM, the movies Vikram and Jailer come to mind. Pukka seems to have followed the tracks of both these films. But the scenes are quite high. There is still some scope for editing. The production values adopted by Sahu and Harish are good. It must be said that the film was very rich and of high quality and provided a good full meal for the festival.

How about the final?

Bhagavanth kesari is a film based on women empowerment, human emotions, action, comedy. Some scenes of the film seem to break this flow. But it must be said that Anil Ravipudi’s move made that flaw disappear. The acting of Balakrishna, Sreeleela, Kajal, Arjun Rampal, Sarath Kumar and other actors in the film has become strong. Many things influence the audience regardless of age or class. Even if you go in with any expectations, this film gives you an unexpected feeling. Bhagavanth kesari is a film that will please the family audience and fans of Dussehra festival. The collection range of this film will be decided in a few days.

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