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Yaad Shayari

Yaad Shayari: Memory is such a thing that you feel when someone is very close to your heart and he goes away from you for some reason, then you miss him a lot and you are not able to live without that person. We miss him the most then. When we get used to it. If you are also missing someone then you can take the help of these Shayari. To forget their memory, we have uploaded Yaad Shayari in this post, you can also share it with your loved ones and your friends.Read more: National Senior Citizens Day: Celebrating Wisdom, Experience, and Legacy And Shayari

Yaad Shayari

Who passed in front of me yesterday evening,
I spent the whole night remembering him!

Sometimes the sound of the night touches the heart,
They get shocked that you may not have even called!

The same trend continues even today,
Your memory is heavy on my sleep!

When the wounds of your memory start healing,
Starts remembering you for some reason!

Didn’t even look back while leaving,
He did not stop his steps,
Memories will haunt you for the rest of your life,
He didn’t even think about me for a second!

No matter how much you try to be happy,
When I miss someone very much,
So it really makes me cry!

Best Yaad Shayari in English

There is nothing in my heart except her,
If I forget him then what will I remember?

Who gets so much freedom in this life?
Don’t remember me so much that I forget you!

Even in your sorrow we find a unique treasure,
We find an excuse to remember you!

These lips smile even in pain,
Whenever we remember the past moments!

How wonderful it would be if memories were also sand,
Would have knocked him down with his fist or blown him away with his feet!

This heart will fall apart without you,
After all, how long will you remember me?
I know you have changed,
How long will he make these excuses?

If memories were washed away by shedding tears,
Then we would have erased your memory in a single day!

Morning comes from you and evening comes from you,
Whenever I remember you, that moment is special!

Missing You Shayari in English

The employed people have returned to the distant city,
Now you will miss home at every hour of the day!

Even if you don’t want to meet, just talk for a bit.
Just remember me a little in your prayers!

Where do these distances matter in love, sir?
Your memory is enough for the heart to smile!

How can I torment this heart with your love,
I am in love with you, how can I make you fall in love with me?

I know this is not possible but,
There remains a hope that he will remember!

Every distance has to be bridged,
Everything has to be told,
It seems friends don’t have time,
These days I have to remind myself!

Listen to that heartbeat by touching it to your chest,
Who insists on meeting you every moment!

It takes some time to forget memories,
It takes some time for the eyes to fall asleep,
It is not so easy to forget someone,
It takes some time to convince the heart!

Yaad Shayari in English

It is no longer in my power to remember you or not.
My heart has a habit of taking your name with every beat!

If your memories were washed away by shedding tears,
Then we would have erased your memory in a single day!

Now it feels good to be sad too,
It feels good to not have anyone around,
Even though I am far away, I am in someone’s memories,
It feels good to have this feeling too!

How beautiful she becomes,
The world at that time
When someone close to me says,
I am missing you!

What kind of sadness is there today,
Separation is drenched in clouds of loneliness,
My heart has cried brokenly again,
Don’t know who I have remembered today!

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