Beauty Onion Oil At Home For Hair Growth And Strong Hair

Beauty Onion Oil

Beauty Onion Oil – Onion oil can be easily prepared at home. It is also very easy to make this oil and apply it on the hair. 

Hair Care – Beauty Onion Oil

Onion is included in different ways in food. But, the benefits of onion are not limited to health only. Oil can also be made from onions, which proves to be very beneficial for hair. Whether the hair is weak or excessively thin, onion oil shows its effect and is effective in making the hair thick, thick and strong. It is an Ayurvedic oil which is rich in antioxidants and enzymes and is also known as magical oil for hair. Applying this oil on the head removes the problem of dandruff, nourishes the scalp, keeps the hair healthy from root to tip and starts growing rapidly. You also know how onion oil is made. 

How To Make Onion Oil At Home – Beauty Onion Oil

To make onion oil, you will need 200 ml coconut oil, half chopped onion and a cup of curry leaves. If you want, you can make this oil without curry leaves also, but the effect of onion oil increases when curry leaves are added. 

  • First cut the onion and put it in the blender and grind it. Add curry leaves to it and grind it to make a paste. 
  • Put a pan or any small utensil on the flame and cook it by adding coconut oil to it. 
  • After heating this oil for some time, add ground onion and curry leaves to it and keep it for cooking. 
  • After cooking this oil for about 5 to 10 minutes, turn off the gas. 
  • Your oil is just ready. Cool this oil and filter it and keep it in a separate vial. Head massage can be done with this oil daily or 2 to 3 times a week. Wash your head after applying this oil for at least one to one and a half hours.

benefits of applying onion oil – Beauty Onion Oil

  • The enzymes present in onions help in hair growth. New hair can also grow by applying this oil. 
  • This oil provides relief from the problem of thin hair and weak hair breakage. 
  • Regular use of onion oil does not cause white hair problems. This oil keeps the hair black. 
  • Onion oil can also be applied to keep away bacterial infections on the scalp. 
  • The pH level of the scalp remains balanced with onion oil. 
  • The effect of this oil looks like a natural conditioner and the hair remains soft. 
  • Onion oil can also be applied to improve hair texture. 


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