Apply henna on hair like this in winter, there will be no fear of cold and cough!


Henna for gray hair in winters: Many people avoid applying henna on hair in winters. Their biggest argument behind this is that due to its coldness you may suffer from cold and cough. In such a situation, let us know the right way to use it in winter.

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Henna for gray hair in winters: Winters are coming but hair problems are almost the same as in summers. Especially if we talk about graying hair. Actually, the use of henna for graying hair is very old. But, henna is cold and using it for hair can cause problems like cold and cough. Due to this, there is a higher risk of falling ill in winter. In such a situation, you can change the way you use it. So, keep these two things in mind while using henna for hair in winter.

How to use henna for gray hair in winters

  1. Apply henna by mixing it with Amla.

Amla helps in reducing gray hair and blackening it. You can use it to apply henna on hair in winter. All you have to do is boil Amla (Indian gooseberry), take its water and mix henna in it. After this, add lemon juice, coffee, 2 raw eggs and 2 spoons of oil so that it becomes a thick paste. Keep the paste for two to three hours and then apply it on the hair, so that the entire head is covered. Leave it for 1 to 2 hours and then wash your hair with normal water.

  1. Apply henna mixed with black sesame water.

Put black sesame seeds in water, boil it and then soak henna in this water and apply it. Actually, sesame is hot and it can reduce the coldness of mehendi. Apart from this, sesame is also rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which along with reducing dirt in the scalp, is also helpful in reducing inflammation and dandruff. So, applying henna mixed with black sesame water in this way is beneficial for your hair.

Other than henna, hair coloring options in winter

Apart from henna, you can also darken your hair with coffee and indigo powder in winter. There is no risk of catching cold due to this. So, stay stress free and dye your hair black in winter with these methods. Apart from this, try to consume those foods which can help in blackening your hair.

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