401+ Attitude Shayari | Best Shayari on Dangerous Attitude (2023)

Attitude Shayari

Attitude Shayari: Every person has a different personality. Everyone in this world has different style. Not everyone in this world shows their pride, there are very few people who show attitude. These poems are very effective in showing your status and power to your rival or enemy.Read more: 251+ Maa Shayari | BEST मां पर शायरी [2023]

Friends, we have brought a wonderful collection of attitude poetry for you. In this we are sharing Cool attitude shayari. We hope that all of you friends will like these poems. Then what are you waiting for, friends, let’s start.

Attitude shayari

Listen son, clear up the misunderstanding.
from my heart
Sharif is just a face, not us..!!

Listen son, even the enemies pass before us.
so salute us
Such is our fear in this era..!!

we are the aces of cards
who turns the tables with his moves
That’s why everyone remembers us..!!

Our style is shocking, that’s why
A girl like you is rubbish for us..!!

I change the dagger when it loses its edge.
Listen son, don’t point your finger otherwise.
Let me change the scene..!!

Listen son, the lion alone is enough
To rule in this era..!!

Listen son, we don’t finish talking but
We destroy the lineage of those who mess with us..!!

Listen son, we are afraid of our enemies.
It is not only in the eyes but also in the heart..!!

Don’t talk about attitude, we are crazy.
They also hire assistants to give autographs..!!

Our status is this much sir
we are friends in heart
And keep the enemies in mind..!!

Attitude shayari in English

we are like dry leaves
You will burn your finger to ashes..!!

Listen son, those whom we consider poison
What kind of honey do we think of that..!!

Don’t talk about attitude, you idiot.
as much as your expenses are
There are so many discussions about my style..!!

the world goes to hell
Now we will live life under our cover..!!

We are called kings even in this selfish world.
That’s why my enemies are afraid of speaking in front of me..!!

Listen son, there will be no hearing now.
there will be no witnesses
dishonest people
There will be direct calculation..!!

Whatever may be the result sir
Will destroy the traitors well..!!

listen son to build an empire
mind not heart
Have to make do with it.!!

Attitude shayari two line

listen son
Our face is noble
The character will kill you.!!

Listen son, I will give you such a wound that you
You will wonder who the person has messed with.!!

Sir, have you seen the friendship of the world?
just remember with meaning
Everyone here one by one.!!

no one has this much grip in their hands
who can break our pride
We were Nawab and will remain Nawab..!!

When we walk with enthusiasm in our attitude
So people get jealous after seeing us..!!

When we walk in our attitude
So the world also salutes
Us in your favour.!!

Forest belongs to everyone sir
But only he rules
Who has strength in his heart.!!

Dangerous attitude shayari

fight with some thought, sir
We don’t even love life.!!

the lion’s roar and its gait
Sets fire in the heart of the enemy..

The day you give up your way of life
In that day, everyone’s pride will be broken..!

Whatever game we play, we play with our mind.
That’s why the enemy wins every game..!

My loved ones have taught me one thing
Showing the enemies their worth.!!

When you don’t have the courage to speak in front
Stop barking behind your back, dogs!

Some call us ill-mannered and some call us nawabs.
This prince is called the father of attitude..!

Revenge may be old but
All traitors will be accounted for properly..!

Attitude shayari for boys

I am a city boy sir
I live in my pride
whoever fingers him
I have the strength to break bones.!!

We live in our own attitude sir
Teasing only when you have the strength to fight..!

Listen son, my fear is still there.
In the hearts of friends and in the minds of enemies.!!

Our noise will be there in your gathering too
This is how dominant this lion will be.!

we are the lions of the jungle
wherever he steps
That area becomes ours.!!

always by making myself
Sardar, keep yourself humble and
Rudra, keep both the characters..!

Son, I may be young but
My status and fear is in everyone’s heart.!!

This is already our principle
the attitude that shows
Let’s keep it away from sight.!!

Attitude Apna Bindaas Hai
That’s why the world is against me.!!

I am different and wrong too
Uproot what needs to be uprooted!

listen son when we leave
Even dogs have their attitude
He starts barking in his favour.!!

I keep my attitude cool
to hit the enemy
I keep a sword with me..!

Listen son, we have to take it for granted.
this is your big mistake
where everyone is afraid
Only we can move there..!

From the day we started having decency
From that day we left
Broke everyone’s pride!

I keep embers in my eyes and strength in my liver
I keep a dagger in my hand for my enemies..!

Final words on Attitude shayari

Hearty thanks to all of you friends for reading today’s new post attitude shayari. I hope you liked reading these wonderful poems written by our blogging team. You can use these poems as your WhatsApp status.

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