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Love Shayari

Love Shayari: Every person falls in love at some point in life, when this happens then the person is living in a different world, where he sees love everywhere, if you also love someone and you If you want to express your love how much you love her, then you need some such romantic love poetry.

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love shayari

whether the wish is fulfilled or not
It’s important to keep the smile alive
Because love is incomplete without it..!!

We have started losing so much in your love.
Didn’t want that we started falling in love with you..!!

Where did we know the meaning of love
we just got you and
This restless heart got relief..!!

While hugging in the gathering, he said softly
By following the customs and traditions of these times, we became yours..!!

no one should ask for you even in their prayers
O beloved, I pray for the same..!!

Remember the longer the delay in meeting
My love for you will be equally deep..!!

Sir, tea is in my lips and you are with me.
In these happy moments, let there be only talk of love..!!

Sonu Jaanu, the reality of our life changes
When you smile and say you are very cute..!!

May I get lost in your love
I love you so much, Sanam..

May the sweetness of your love always remain on my tongue.
May all the happiness and love of all worlds be with you..!!

Love shayari in English

If you allow me, I can kiss you with my eyes like this
The way the moon kisses the earth with its moonlight..!!

who are special to the heart
He is always close even when he is far away
That is why these feelings of love are deep..!!

I have been living in this house of my heart for a long time.
Now you Sanam don’t go to the trap of infidelity..!!

Where do these distances matter in love?
Love should only be from the heart..!!

O darling, we love your soul, not you.
That’s why my heart is desperate for you..!!

Finding someone after losing them brings solace to the heart.
The light of my love is visible on your face..!!

Romantic love shayari

this love without you
as if there is night without moon
In these moments of silence
My heart wants to be with you..!!

spend time only with her
The person who is true at heart..!

life with you
Mary looks beautiful
because of your kindness
I keep breathing..!

confessing while denying
from a stranger
Fell in love like this..!

To whom we prayed day and night
May that become my prayer in my love..!!

Sir, what should I praise others for?
When my partner is beautiful..!

Don’t look at me with your silent eyes
Now you come into my arms..!

got you in my life
happiness is beginning to spread
your love is mine
My heart has started beating..!!

Love shayari two line

The place of love is illuminated by your strength
What is in me is not found in anyone else..!

Where do you find such pleasant weather?
The journey, you and some old thoughts..

This heart is connected to your soul
I have fallen madly in love with you..!

Sir, don’t slip
somewhere in your love
now close to my heart
Not even another heart..!!

I am getting wet with the rain of your love.
In this way I have started merging into your soul..!

as far as you can imagine
I love you so much.!!

Love is the one who gives a reason to live.
Otherwise everything else in this era is a fraud.!!

love shayari for gf

The moon is in love with moonlight
night is in love with the stars
We are only interested in your soul.

everything seems incomplete without you
I don’t even feel like being without you.!!

I have asked only for you in every prayer.
It is because of your desire that I have known God.!!

It’s raining in your city here too
This crazy girl has started getting lost in your love.!!

The intoxication of your love has become so strong
Only you have started appearing in my eyes.!!

your love is like a banyan tree
Ever since it happened it has been increasing.!!

Your fragrance has spread so much on my heart.
Ever since you came into my life.!!

Dear darling, we are incomplete without you
We are complete only with your love.!!

Love shayari for boyfriend

The love that is carved with wisdom is deep.
That’s why your heart is guarded by my love.!!

we love you so much
that we are not from the world
Just afraid of losing you.!!

My love, this is all I know
I consider you my wife, not my girlfriend..!!

There is not even a picture of me with you
But in every dream I have seen only you.!!

Sir, for whom love is a crime
We have immense love for them only.!!

I have become so in love with you
This crazy girl has become the queen of your heart.!!

We fight the world for your happiness
Because we care about you from our heart.!!

I have become worthy of you, this is my only request.
This crazy person is addicted to your love.!!

love shayari sad

you are the balm for all my pain
Every sorrow becomes stranger when I am with you.!!

looked at with eyes of love
i put you to sleep
But you changed your revenge
Looks like this to me every time.!!

in the color of your love
I am riding every day
of your desire
I am glowing with fragrance.!!

You are the branch of love that
It smells like flowers even in autumn
And it touches the heart in the drizzling rain.!!

you come to meet me and I will express
You order tea my dear, I will understand yes.!!

This is my love, your love is my worship.
Now I have become a habit of wanting you.!!

true love and true wait
It is definitely available from the right place.!!

If love is true then believe it
Every day of your life will be good..!

Love shayari for wife

I drowned in the flood of your love
I am overwhelmed with your loving feelings.!!

How short is this time?
When you are in our arms..!

Whenever love is mentioned anywhere
This heart remembers only your name.!!

Let me be auctioned in your love like this
Your word is the last and I am
Let me become your lover.!!

keep that face happy
O God whom we love
because with him we
Want to live life.!!

Darling, since we have seen you
This heart loves you since then.!!

Your intoxication is like this
remain drunk
This precious love of ours.!!

It’s too far to touch you
even if someone sees you
So I can’t tolerate it.!!

If we get angry then convince us
If things don’t work out
You hug me!!

in your beautiful style
i feel love
as soon as he sees you
My heart becomes yours..!

Sir, in your empty pocket
friendship lasts
Nor love.!!

of your love
hangover hangs over the heart
because looking at you
I have seen love..!

I love you every moment
look at
I give you my dreams
And I remember in my thoughts..!

I get so lost in your love
whether it’s day or night
Only you come to mind..!

little by little it becomes perfect
This spiritual love is true
It is fulfilled only by desire..!

When you came, life started looking beautiful
My heartbeat has started connecting with your breath..!

I give a new twist to my voiceless love
I connect your desire with my heartbeat..!

Final words on Love shayari

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