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Bewafa Shayari

Bewafa Shayari In English: In this world, every person falls in love with someone or the other, and by loving the wrong person, people face infidelity in love, the pain of which becomes difficult for them to bear. When there is unfaithfulness in love, what happens to a person’s heart, only the one with whom he has been unfaithful knows.Read more: 301+ Love Shayari | Best लव शायरी (2023)

In such a situation, people take the help of unfaithful poetry to reduce their pain. In this we are sharing Bewafa shayari status with you. Friends, when it comes to making someone feel special, such sad poetry proves to be very helpful. Today we are going to present some such poems especially for you.

Bewafa shayari

O Bewafa lover, you have lost it.
who despite being in thousands
It was only yours and no one else’s..!!

O fool, what have I not done for your smile?
Still you left me alone to die..!!

Let me wet my eyes in your memory
Let me sleep in the loneliness of the sad night..!!

Sometimes we get such wounds from our loved ones.
Life is neither hidden nor told..!!

When many questions are answered
started meeting yes and ok
Then understand that the relationship ends and the compulsion begins..!!

Sometimes they call us their own and sometimes they call us strangers.
We were the only ones who were crazy and still love them..!!

That cruel lady gave me so much pain
When we crossed limits in their love..!!

I wish there was someone among these fake faces
there would be such a face that
He was exactly what he looked like..!!

By burying thousands of things in your heart
Now I like to remain silent..!!

remembering you to forget you
Taking breaths to choose death..!!

Only you have a hand in my destruction
even after being away
Oh the unfaithful one is with my memories..!!

Your infidelity is pricking me like a thorn.
When I think about you
Then there is shame in the eyes..!!

My own people can never understand me
we will improve our condition
What to tell a stranger.!!

Made us cry every moment by making false promises
rejecting my love
You have forgotten me.!!

Bewafa shayari in english

I know there is no cure for this delusion.
you are mine i have you
Nothing but this illusion..!!

If love flows then the river of love flows.
So do me a favor if I stop breathing.
Waiting for death.!!

It seems from the way you talk
That you have now come into someone’s conversation.!!

relationships for a few days and sometimes life
fills me with sorrow
That’s why even our own people start becoming strangers.!!

Those times were different when those who supported
Didn’t see the situation
Now we see everything and hold hands.!!

I looked at you a hundred times with the eyes of love
But you show me revenge every time.

a glimpse of him
blurred every scene
It hurt my heart so much!!

Slowly everyone leaves me like this
The moments of your memories torment us.!!

Bewafa shayari two line

I am alive but I don’t feel like living.
This time hurt so much that
I don’t even remember the moments I lived with you.!!

Your memory has started to torment me so much
Like it’s raining without clouds.!!

the person who remains silent
Who knows how much pain he endures..!

If you don’t want to then say no
someone for yourself
Don’t keep us waiting.!!

save as much as you can
to your heart
If we break it, it will be our own people..!

You were the only one who entered my heart
Otherwise thousands have tried here
Had to love us..!

to a broken heart
you put it together and then broke it
We didn’t belong anywhere before either.
Now you have left me nowhere..!

Bewafa shayari for whatsapp

as many times as these
look back at the streets
you will remain there giving me pain
You too will not be able to remain happy.!!

There are millions of wounds on this heart
not two or three
Now there is no trust in anyone..!

You won’t be happy by breaking my heart
How will you forget me from your heart..!

die in infinite love
What’s the sorrow if I go too?
bearing the sorrow of separation
What is less than staying alive..!

it was his compulsion to leave me
I found someone better than me
That’s why this excuse was also necessary..!

There came a time when my tears started falling.
And I learned and found out
How unfaithful people are in love..!

How much pain is there in the heart, it is not shown
Now the memories of that unfaithful person
Can’t be forgotten by this heart..!

I was writing so wrong!
I was considering this unfaithful person as God..!

I will still have a hope to meet you
When the mehndi applied on hands will be applied on hair.!!

Stories of loyalty are often told by the same people.
Whose own hands are stained with infidelity..!

Now even life seems angry with you
my fate in your hands
Looks like a tear..!

since the day you
have given up eye contact
Since that day we have loved you
I have stopped coming and going..!

result of love
We have done bad things in the world
I saw those who claimed loyalty
Or we saw him as unfaithful too!

Knew you would break me again
It felt good to give you my heart too!

These beautiful people learned only one thing
We have seen someone as beautiful as her
He is as unfaithful as he is!

I won’t keep it from anyone after you
hope of love is just an experience
It was enough that everything was taught!

You will definitely find someone who loves you.
Now a city cannot be unfaithful!

Final words on Bewafa shayari

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