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Sad Quotes

Sad Quotes in English: Friends, life is a fair of happiness and sorrow. Sometimes life brings us a shower of happiness and sometimes darkness of sorrow. Many times it happens when we love someone very much and due to some reason we get separated from them. So we feel very strange, heartbroken. That person can be anyone, your mother, sister, girlfriend, anyone. So in such a situation, we make Sad Quotes Status our support in sorrow.

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Therefore, read this post Sad Quotes and share it with your special one on social media. Here today you will read Sad quotes in English for love, Deep sad quotes in English, by reading which you will be able to overcome your painful feelings.

sad quotes in english

he will never come back
The precious moments they got for free..!!

What harm will that boy do to anyone?
Whose everything has gone wrong..!!

Girls get buried in wedding clothes
Because the couple is of their choice
But not his partner..!!

when i found out the truth
I started hating myself
By my own choice..!!

A river of crying is an ocean of sorrow
The most horrifying scene is a broken heart..!!

people break very badly
After knowing well..!!

Seeing the line on the hand the fakir said, you will die in agony.
Smiling I just asked whether I will die..!!

No one will understand by laughing
have separated happiness
we shared our love
Have bid farewell with my hands..!!

We are tired of this lifeless life
I don’t remember you either
And neither does death come..!!

You made the stone heart fragile and broke it.
swearing to stay together for life
Left me in the middle of the road..!!

Alone sad quotes in English

I don’t like anyone else except him
someone like him in spirit
Couldn’t fit in..!!

Was it God’s decision or the evil eye of the times?
we are so far away from you
As much as I tried to come closer..!!

I was about to swear to live together
and he talked about clothes
Done to take off..!!

Even the people who say they will handle everything
Often feel lonely in solitude..!!

These who were going to stab me in the back
Everyone was ours and loved..!!

There is no one here except yourself
One day those whom we consider our own will be the same.
Starts biting..!!

No matter how much science progresses
X-ray of a broken heart
Can’t show pain..!!

Very heart touching sad quotes in English

Where to be doesn’t matter
It is better not to be there..!!

A person snatched the smile from the face
Otherwise we were the ones who were lively in the gatherings.
Used to bring..!!

I have heard that every sorrow pales in comparison to this.
Let’s try this also..!!

bear the humiliation happily
If you open your mouth, people feel bad..!!

I have to let go even if I don’t want to.
at the hands of some relatives and
We are not destined to be together..!!

Our mistake was just this much
we dreamed with them
To live a lifetime..!!

My happiness was only with you
We were never happy after you left..!!

No matter who eats us, we are not that pudding.
Now I just love money
There is no hero in life..!!

Emotional sad quotes in English

be it love or life
when sadness exceeds limits
start giving
So we have to leave..!!

What should I complain about in life?
In this difficult journey so far
What is kept safe..!!

Murshad, we don’t have to earn this pain.
If I didn’t have to go to their street every day..!!

No matter how much you request, lakhs will be handed over to you.
they just change
After all, people who talk with meaning..!!

One person is enough to love, friend
The whole world will fall short just to slap your face..!!

The whole world is there to explain things to us
All we need is someone who understands our words..!!

Life scattered like dust
How did you make the mistake of leaving me..!!

those are just memories
How can I say that which makes the eyes cry?
Fate and destiny cannot be written..!!

Sad quotes in English for girls

First love then neglect and now betrayal
a man made a big
Destroyed me with tricks..!!

Will that girl be able to live without you?
in the name of your leaving
She used to cry like a child..!!

Just do it oh darling and it will make you cry so much
See, one day you too will regret it..!!

All the dreams I had were falling apart
One by one everyone is leaving their loved ones..!!

people say death is scary
We say with incomplete love for everyone
Life is painful..!!

consequences of love
often seen as painful
that many good people are in this
Have seen it being destroyed..!!

wounds that are not visible
They are very painful..!!

When deep relationships get hurt
Then living life becomes painful..!!

Every hope is slowly ending
Now we know about Rishto’s death
How painful it is..!!

There is a lot of sorrow, who should reveal it?
I just smile, who wants to make a scene now..!!

Whether I get any happiness in life or not
but someone like you
It is better if you do not find an unfaithful person..!!

Life is a handful of sand, day by day
It is slipping out of hands..!!

often the same people in sorrow
miss the most
Those who leave with the most pain..!!

I am looking for a moment of happiness
Don’t know why yesterday passed!

who did not bow down before
he left and went away
bowed before
They trampled and went away!

people wake up to noise
This silence of yours doesn’t let me sleep!

you have shrunk my love
in a few words
When he said there is love
But not from you!

Final words on Sad Quotes in English

Friends, if you have had a fight with your partner for some reason. And if you are very sad then the sad quotes in English written in this post will be very useful for you. Do share these with your lover and on social media. How did you like the post? Friends, please tell us by commenting.

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