301+ BEST Breakup Shayari | Sad Shayari on Breakup {2023}

Breakup Shayari

Breakup Shayari: When we love someone, we have the courage to do anything for him. If the same love leaves us and goes somewhere far away, we get broken from within. This creates tension in the lives of boyfriend and girlfriend. To reduce this stress, sometimes we have to take the help of poetry.Read more: 351+ Love Shayari | BEST लव शायरी (2023)

So friends, that is why we have brought breakup poetry for you in today’s blog post. In this we are sharing Breakup Shayari with you. Express these painful words through poetry. You must read these poems of ours once.

Breakup shayari

When did he show loyalty from his heart?
Made it missing and didn’t realize it..!!

If only you had said it once
that we are from somewhere else
I swear to God, we would have stayed away even from your shadow..!!

I heal this heart broken by your infidelity.
I hide the pain hidden in my heart with my smile..!!

For whose love we lost ourselves
Sir, he still doubts my love..!!

These friends, whoever we loved, loved someone else.
God forbid the person he loved also loved someone else..!!

We started loving that unfaithful person very much.
How did we know that he
We were just trying..!!

I think I should give up applying kajal because
The tears in my eyes don’t stop now
Mine in your infidelity..!!

That I don’t have time to see pleasant weather
Only when I get out of your memories can I see the world..!!

You have beautiful dreams even in these painful nights
I have colorful relationships in the mirror of my heart..!!

There is a sadness over this broken heart
restrain your emotions
There is moisture in my eyes..!!

even without reason but sometimes
remember me
We die every moment because of your infidelity..!!

The age of love has become like that of leaves.
today green tomorrow yellow
Looks happy the day after tomorrow..!!

This is very strange
memories of love sir
sometimes it gives happiness
Sometimes it gives me the loneliness of sorrow..!!

Oh love, you have snatched my peace
Now even my night’s sleep is owed to you..!!

did not maintain false relationship with anyone
but still i
Lost my special person..!!

Breakup Shayari in English

How can any broken relationship be mended?
after death in this era
Hopefully someone is alive.!!

Wonder what kind of skills that person has.
As soon as night falls, the answer appears in the eyes
He is visible at every threshold of my thinking.!!

Today again I found myself
gathered in gathering
auction your love
Took myself apart.!!

Even after being so devastated
This heart still desires you
I don’t know what kind of punishment this is for being naughty..!!

Relationships that are built on the test of meaning
Those relationships break when times change.!!

Sir, it’s just a drop of rain
This is the attraction of love, Sanam.
Which is going to become unbearable from you.!!

I fell in love with an unfaithful person
he left me
Satisfied with glances from the side.!!

what without my memories
you will ride life
time has passed, no fever
Which you will remove with medicine.!!

Breakup shayari two line

your love is ending
gradually the effect of
I think you are better than us
The lover has been found.!!

your memories in this heart
couldn’t get rid of
something like this
That cheater did it.!!

you did something to love
defamed myself like this
Gave pain to Chahat all her life.!!

Don’t come back now, he is dead.
The person who used to sacrifice his life for you..!!

people talk to entertain themselves
And we consider them our own.!!

Neither was I bad nor was she bad, that’s it
There was distance in the relationship due to the oppression of time..!

my loyalty is not complete
So what
Your infidelity is complete..!

will you appreciate or change
I didn’t know
You will torment me like this..!

Breakup shayari for gf

While parting he enumerated all the shortcomings
the one who said when we met
There is no one like you.!!

love for show
This is the business of people these days.!!

That laughing moment has now turned sour
My meetings with him have become less frequent now..!

I am waiting for love
If I say so, I am on the verge of ruin..!

Those who were good to them started feeling sad
When he starts falling in love with someone else..!

A strange desperation has taken over this heart
Ever since you left me..!

Your anger in love torments me
This heart breaks in your memories..!

just got an experience
separated from them and us
which belongs to all ages
He doesn’t belong to anyone..!

Sir I had tears in my eyes
When the heart breaker was going away from me.!!

I have left your memories on those roads
I have broken my relationship with you even after wanting to..!

Dreams, thoughts, sorrows and sorrows share everything
Let’s continue this life without you..!

I am surprised by his behavior
the one who understands me everything
Today she is misunderstanding me..!

to keep your heart
I gave grief to my loved ones
Now I can’t understand that
Why did you leave me..!

You may not have been mine but this heart was yours.
love was a betrayal for you
But for me you were God..!

I don’t feel sad about you leaving me
Go away, you fool, we will not die if you leave..!

I kept waiting for you to return
And you leave me
Keep loving someone else..!

forces the crazy
This duty of love
because can’t get
There is no point in pain in love..!

The memory of your love haunts me a lot
I miss your heartfelt words very much!

Final words on Breakup shayari

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