251+ Miss You Shayari | BEST मिस यू शायरी (2023)

Miss You Shayari

Miss You Shayari in English: Do you ever miss that person who always talks and hangs out with you? When that person stays away from you, you miss him and everything about him a lot, and you feel very sad in his memory. Because you have an emotional attachment to that person, we often remember him or her as a loved one or a close friend. We always remember the one who is very close to our heart.Read more: 251+ BEST Breakup Shayari | ब्रेकअप पर सैड शायरी {2023}

Keeping these things in mind, we have prepared a unique collection of Miss You Shayari for you. In this Miss you love shayari you can also share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp. So friends, without wasting any time let’s start reading these wonderful poems.

Miss you shayari

Now you have become a memory
you in this heart
If I had lived as a heartbeat
My life could have been different..!!

I sit alone and miss you every day
to meet you
I appeal to God every day..!!

I’m starting to miss you so much
He has come and started tormenting this heart..!!

Our thoughts are entangled in your words
I miss you in love
Those past days of yours..!!

This is just a little bit of this painful love
This is the fire in which everyone has to burn..!!

I feel relieved when I talk to you
And if it is not there then the mind becomes irritable..!!

Have started entangling themselves in one sided relationships
The pain of the heart is beginning to show through the eyes
Lost my existence in their memories
When did we start loving someone so much..!!

memories of your love
Gave this heart pain
I have given up living worrying about you..!!

by teaching us desire
Now that person is retracting
we are waiting for him
And he is dating someone else.!!

in memories of your love
we lose ourselves
For a drop of peace
We break down and cry..!!

by adopting my habit
you left us alone
you are mine with my heart
Even the hope of living was lost..!!

heart turned into ashes
The dream we once had decorated
to live with you
He was destroyed by your going away.!!

the beauty of your love
It’s beginning to take over this heart
on your killer style
This crazy person is starting to get injured..!

who stole my heart
she is special to me
But I don’t have it..!

in my sadness
you are beginning to appear
you are my dreams and
You have started smiling in thoughts..!

Is this the extent of my love?
No, I haven’t even remembered you for a long time!

Miss you shayari two line

if I close my eyes
I can see you coming
And if I keep it open, it’s yours
The memory torments me..!

who knew that
time will pass like this
What used to be near the heart
He will go so far away from me..!

Why is this love so cruel?
Why did my peace merge with his?
who used to say that you are my darling
Why was that person so selfish?

have thousands of fans
But here I remember only you
What should we do sir when this
Only you are dear to my heart..!

my heart is yours
getting the beat
my passion for your love
Speaking in alphabets.!

when you care about me
Life feels like heaven!

Today my eyelids are wet with someone’s memory
Even the sky has closed in on itself!

This failed attempt that you are going to make
To whom are you going to leave us?

Miss you shayari for boyfriend

There is your memory in this broken heart and there is moisture in the eyes.
Only you is missing in my life..!

I will try to come back as soon as possible
But still remember us in your prayers!

life whenever
calls for some shadow
Your name is on my lips!

You are in my every breath, you are in my every happiness without you
Life is nothing because you are my whole life!

he brought out every addiction
did it and said
what is the worst addiction
I said about your love!

the day is not going well
And the night also hurts a lot
What should I do, I miss you so much!

I really want to talk to you
The insistence of the heart is that you start it!

True love miss you shayari

I keep all the pain of love in my heart
I keep the memories of your love in my heart..!

My heart is full of anger
An unfaithful person has caused a lot of pain in love..!

My eyes have liked your memories
Even if I want to laugh, your absence makes me cry!

Memories come only of those with whom one is related.
Not every person is seen with love!

The feeling is gone, the search is gone
All hopes are gone but
What could not be erased are your memories!

Sometimes I miss them, sometimes I dream about them
They have countless ways to torture me!

Final words on Miss you shayari

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