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Maa Shayari

Maa Shayari In English: The word mother is that which cannot be compared with anything in the world. If there was no mother on this earth, it would have been impossible to even imagine this world. Mother gives birth to us after enduring so much pain. And it enables us to walk in this world with our heads held high and there is no demand in return. She always wants her child to always be successful and never give up.Read more: 351+ Best Bewafa Shayari | Unfaithful poetry on broken heart [2023]

So friends, today in the post of Maa Shayari, we are sharing with you shayari in memory of mother, Maa shayari etc. with unique content. Friends, mother’s place is greater than that of God. Mother is our first teacher. Which shows us the way to live life.

Maa Shayari

The impact of mother’s blessings on children is immense.
We all are indebted to our mother’s struggle and love..!!

I have never seen God but
I am so sure
That he will also be like my mother..!!

I have learned to live from my mother’s values.
It is only because of my mother’s sacrifice that I have learned to live with struggle..!!

Maa is the trust of child’s life
A child’s life becomes special only because of the mother’s struggles..!!

Mother forgets all her sorrows when her child says I am here.
you keep climbing the stairs of success
Your mother is standing with you at your every step..!!

We have learned to live only because of mother’s love.
It is the mother who nourishes the child’s life with happiness..!!

I have found deception in every relationship
Only mother is there sir
Who has embraced me without any selfishness..!!

Maa Shayari

Neither is it anyone’s baby nor anyone’s life, dear.
Sir, I am my mother’s child dear..!!

I set out to find my
stuck in fulfilling his wish
But in front of your love maa, this
Even the sky became less..!!

His thinking is visible in my perspective also
My smile is visible on mother’s face..!!

Mother is supreme in the world
Because of their love and values
The syrup is always full for children.!!

Mother protects us from the sunshine and shade of life.
Mother holds her hand through happiness and sorrow.!!

In this place I only know two things
god later first
I adore my mother..!!

Mother’s prayers have a big impact
With the blessings of the mother, the child
The future is golden.!!

shayari on Maa

I couldn’t hear my mother’s sobbing amidst the laughter of her friends.
he became everyone’s good friend
But could not become a good son.!!

No matter how much you write, it is too little for them.
The truth is that if there is a mother then we are there..!

when my mother is happy
so I think
My God is happy with me..!

My happiness comes from my mother
my mother is my world
I love my mother’s scolding only..!

Happiness is yet to come in my life
for my well being
My mother’s prayers are enough..!

Mother is our life
teaches every lesson of living
in this fake world
It identifies the truth..!

this dark world
Mother is the only light in me
in every child’s life
Mother is the first school..!

write something about mother
I can’t afford that much
Mother’s love is no less than heaven..!

sir in the book of life
The most beautiful moment is mother’s love.!!

Maa shayari two line

I see God in my mother’s love
By the grace of God the child
Life smiles.!!

no matter what the compulsion
Still, values always give us
Mother always gives us courage
But she cries when alone..!

kiss my forehead
when my mother loves me
then despite all the difficulties
She fulfills her duty of love..!

the most in this life
Mother’s love is the greatest
Same temple, same worship
And that is the whole world..!

I got the same mother in every birth
This will be my only wish
One who washes mother’s feet
He will get heaven..!

house house riots
joins in
Then as soon as she became a mother she
Becomes immortal..!

Mother is the tree whose shadow
go as far as you can
Goes far..!

How to live without a mother
I get nervous thinking about this
those who don’t have a mother
How does life pass..!

Mother is the only support in this fake world
There is light in the lives of children only because of mother’s love.!!

I find solace in my mother’s prayers
There is light in my life only because of mother’s love..!

I feel like a mother in this world
no one else can be seen
May the impact of mother’s prayers reach God..!

Have seen Azaan with moving eyes
I have not seen heaven, I have seen mother!

Because of which I consider myself complete
I know my mother before God!

Neither would the sky be there nor would it be frozen if you were not there, mother!

Final words on Maa shayari

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