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Life Quotes

Life quotes in English: Friends, the cycle of time from birth to death is often called life. In between, some happy and sad events happen in a person’s life. This is what is actually called life. Many people get shattered due to these ups and downs in life, while many others rise above the circumstances. Because such people always keep themselves positive and follow thoughts related to life. Due to which they enjoy every moment of life.Read more: 351+ BEST Motivational Quotes in English | मोटिवेशनल कोट्स {2023}

Therefore, if you also want to enjoy life by being positive in life, then read the best lifelong good thoughts written in our today’s post Life Quotes and guide yourself as well as other people. You should adopt these Life changing quotes in English, Beautiful quotes on life in English in your life and make your life joyful.

Life quotes in English

Friends, know one thing
Our judge may be wrong
But the world’s protector is not Dwarkadhish..!!

We don’t know how to do salute and slavery
We are famous as we are..!!

to want something passionately
Even destiny has to change its rules..!!

Feelings, not feelings, determine
Relationships, luck and God’s support..!!

Life, tell me something, what is my problem?
you talked laughing yesterday
Why are you angry with me now..!!

Neither a companion nor a companion will emerge
account of your sins and virtues
It will come out of your own actions..!!

No matter how much money is spent, a person with principles will not sell.
Everything looks good in the beginning
Let’s see who will last till the end..!!

Life is a warehouse of sorrows…
Happiness is felt at the feet of God..!!

failure does not weaken you
Rather it makes you more powerful..!!

Reality life quotes in English

If you give time to education
Education will definitely change your time..!!

This is why values have diminished now
Earlier people used to learn from elders
And now from Google..!!

Trying again and again becomes a habit
And if the habit is good then
One day success will definitely come..!!

People who cry over small things
he is thinking about someone
No, just think from the heart..!!

Having life is a blessing
And whoever got it
He is rich..!!

broken dreams falling tears
you are a strong person
Help in becoming..!!

there is no goodness in us
If you are proud then what will you be proud of?
We are right for those who think as they are..!!

who laugh to make others laugh
God never lets them cry..!!

whatever happens in life
is caused by
or he makes you something
Or by teaching something..!!

Heart touching life quotes in English

some relationships don’t cost anything
They are important..!!

I have amazing wishes
One by one everything is becoming incomplete..!!

We are all passengers on this boat of life
Wherever life says everyone will have to go..!!

Listen, people of the world, there is no better friend than Bapu.
And there is no better love in the world than a mother..!!

When circumstances have to be compromised
Then even sensible people commit crimes..!!

Sad life quotes in English

People must have turned away after giving their soldiers.
Otherwise there would be no need of papers today..!!

The paths of life have to be lived openly
with a smile on your face
Have to drink the cup of happiness..!!

as much as life takes from us
She gives us much more than that in return..!!

Accept every moment of life
Only then will you blossom
Flowers in life..!!

Remember success in life
not on paper
A person’s heart lies in hard work..!!

your words in life
And only after careful consideration
Spend it, it doesn’t come back..!!

life is like kulfi
enjoy the taste
Don’t waste it just like that..!!

always do good
It’s not possible even for God
Then what is a human being..!!

Deep reality of life quotes in English

Sometimes it gives happiness and suddenly it also gives sorrow.
gives life because
Like a chameleon, color changes life..!!

What a life it is, friend!
for whom one has to earn
One has to go away from them.

The most beautiful gift of life
earned here
There is respect and honor..!!

I am very happy with my life! Because
I am more worried about my loved ones than my dreams.

no news about the way
there is no destination
four days of life bus
You are the one who makes the journey pleasant..!!

If you remove love from life
Life is a grave..!!

I have never seen any businessman who is better than life.
Fucking gives a breath by taking a breath.

Best life quotes in English

Unnecessary at every turn of life
people have rejected us enough
What else can we do besides this?
Many have smiled with tears in their eyes.

If it drowns us
This also teaches swimming
This is life, sir, to take exams
Only later does experience give results.

Have to live at every turn of life
Be it happiness or sadness, you have to keep smiling.

Unnecessary at every turn of life
people have rejected us enough
What else can we do besides this?
Many have smiled with tears in their eyes.

If there is a fight in life with loved ones
So one must lose even after winning.

Life is going in a strange way
They don’t even remember us and we
We can’t even breathe without their memories.

Life has taught me a lot
Now let us know the reason behind laughing
And also the volcano behind the silence.

There is some luck in life
your experience is your knowledge
Makes your luck and fortune.

Those who are not rich in life
have lots of money
There are those who are rich at heart.

The role life has given us
play it so well that
The applause continued even after the curtain fell.

Final words on Life quotes in English

These life quotes in English written here are completely unique and completely based on life. Our sole purpose of writing these quotes is to make people aware of the joys and sorrows of life with their help and that no sorrow is permanent. Therefore, take care of yourself and live life with joy.

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