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Friendship Quotes

Friendship Quotes: Friendship!! A word which has a very special importance in our life. A friend is the one who supports us in both happy and sad situations, who inspires us to move forward. Friendship is a relationship which does not break easily. True friends are We even sacrifice our lives for our friends. If we don’t have friends, life becomes very colorless. We laugh with our friends and share our heart’s feelings with them.

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let’s read two line friendship quotes. When we want to show our friends how much we love them. And how much importance they hold in our lives. Then we need some such quotes. Which will further increase our respect in the heart of our friend.

friendship quotes

My friend, what should I write in your praise now?
You are very special in my happiness friendship..!!

That’s why your friendship is a precious gem for you.
So your friendship is the only moment of peace in my life..!!

Let’s create a new world away from this mean world
Friends, let’s celebrate by finding our lost friends..!!

Who does not leave you no matter the time or circumstances.
We have such beautiful friends..!!

Even today, memories of my innocence refresh my mind.
Despite having a big gate
Friends, I can climb walls..!!

Sir, they make noise in the village, locality and even in the city.
When our true friends unite..!!

whom the pen of heart
And it is called trust ink.
so many beautiful moments
This is what is called friendship..!!

friendship day quotes in english

The one who supports you first even in times of trouble
there is no one else like this
There is only one true friend..!!

Friendship is not just about being close.
keep remembering even when you are far away
There is no greater reward than this..!!

I trust my friends more than myself
That’s why friends’ safety
I pray for.!!

an age passes
to maintain friendship
life takes over
In making true friendship.!!

I don’t know when that day will come
we all friends again
who knows when we can meet
those fun filled days and
that childhood friend
Will torment us a lot.!!

friendship is such a relationship
made without any meaning
So every relationship becomes stronger.!!

two people one evening
The people of the world remained sitting on the river bank
Keep calling deep friendship as love.!!

Sad friendship quotes in english

Friendship is such an income, friends.
which is not from the mind
It is played with heart.!!

Come on guys in life
cherish new desires
in these beautiful moments
We listen to the secrets of our friends.!!

Street children do not come out of the house
Now that old naughty friend
Can’t be seen playing.!!

The gathering was made up of friends
when we attended his party
Had blown away a lot.!!

come on friends life
gives a new direction to
away from sorrows
Live the happiness.!!

those school days
were very handsome
When true friends are great
They were fun-loving.!!

the moon hid in the sky
I never found a friend like you
Me in this place.!!

in bad times i
tried everything
leave you my friend
Nothing else has worked.!!

Friendship love quotes in english

What kind of friendship is that friendship?
If you are not famous among his friends.!!

the eyes that you
Only someone who can understand is a friend
otherwise beautiful
There are flowers in the gardens too.!!

today again my
true friends separated
We became restless in his memory.!!

Now mention is visible in friendship story
Now friends don’t come to sit at the crossroads.!!

oh life sometimes circumstances
Sometimes the scene is a market
even in thousands of difficulties
My friends are with me.!!

even if i get angry
those bastards convince me
such a naughty friend
Wherever we meet.!!

Need to see love in the city of hate
Life is a dilemma, friends.
Need a true friend who will support you.!!

I heard that you are crazy about eating.
some prisoners escaped
some went back
Some have become our friends.!!

What do you think next to friendship?
I don’t care about that
whatever the world says
I love only my friend.!!

ocean waves like a storm
trying to sink my boat
But how did he know that
Our friendship was deeper than that.!!

Why should you be sad if you are not a faithful friend?
don’t worry sir
Even the sun has no stars.!!

I was looking to hide my head in the rain
i found such a friend
Who became my sky.!!

When I got you, I got everything
I was probably lonely for a long time
Meaning I have gone into this world
Ever since I met you for friendship!!

to make one angry and to make one cry
don’t do any such calculations
No matter how fate plays with us
My friends, they are not afraid of the attack of the times.!!

Even my friends think of me as a wall on the road.
I thought my friend understands me
I adapt to changing situations
Those who watch consider me an actor.!!

What is this yearning, this oblivion?
Don’t know what this distance is like between our loved ones.
I didn’t know such a time would come
Don’t know if among friends
What is this strange confusion?

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