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Friendship Quotes

Friendship quotes in English: Friends, you all know how important it is to have a special friend in life. Whether we are happy or sad, we express our feelings to our friend without hesitation, because we have full faith that our friend is definitely our friend. Will help us. True friendship is one that supports you in every situation.Read more: 201+ Anmol Vachan | Best Inspirational Quotes [2023]

Therefore, in today’s article we are sharing friendship quotes in Hindi with you. You will really feel very good after reading it. Here you can read Two line dosti quotes in English, Quotes for friend, Fake friends quotes in English, Friendship lines in English and also share it with your friends.

Friendship Quotes in English

Used to sing songs while sitting with friends
these are my old pictures
Look how much I used to smile..!!

As long as you are with me, my friend, your brother.
He is the richest and luckiest person in the world..!!

I have friendship with you that’s why my heart
It hurts to lose you
But it would make no difference, wouldn’t it?
It depends on your presence or not..!!

There is something different about a gathering of friends.
sad face here with happiness
It starts blooming..!!

There is only one principle of our friendship
We forget those things which are unnecessary for friendship..!!

Where blood relations leave you
There the best friends sail across..!!

Our friendship is beyond test
Only those who are entangled with us can be broken..!!

If anyone teases me they will break it
he is my best friend
How will you leave me..!!

no matter what the problem is
The only peace is with you..!!

May the storm come or may the world be destroyed
your my friendship
Will always be inhabited..!!

A friend’s earnings are better than wealth
They have medicine for every disease..!!

friendship day quotes in english

Friends are like stars shining in the sky
To be together despite being apart
Makes you realize..!!

some friends are like medicine
And you are the medicine for all my wounds..!!

If you are my friend the one who supports me
what is anyone’s status
Who can do any harm to me..!!

No matter what the responsibilities are, my friend
But my friendship with you will always be complete..!!

We don’t need the crowd, people of the world
We two friends will create terror..!!

Our pair is stronger than Jai and Veeru
It’s a joke that no one can break it..!!

Seeing us, even the enemies fold their hands.
because whoever messes with us
My friend breaks his bones..!!

Friendship is the only toy in life
just being with someone
Have to sleep even in bad moments..!!

Friendship is a relationship rooted in the soul, sir.
due to less meetings
Friendship never diminishes..!!

Happy friendship day quotes in english

as long as my friends are with me
One cannot be born who kills me..!!

always appreciate those friends
who despite knowing your mistakes
Supporting you..!!

People who maintain relationships even without any relationship
They are called true friends in life..!!

The most precious gift in the world is friendship
Which is not achieved by price but by luck..!!

NO SORRY NO THANKYOU in friendship
ONLY Come, don’t teach your father..!!

make friends with
You share not only PEN but also PAIN
You can do it..!!

The good ones come to hand in abundance.
When my best friend and I walk together..!!

I agree that we have thousands of friends
But first of all you are my best friend..!!

Friendship is never with special people
with whom one becomes friends
Those people also become special..!!

Heart touching friendship quotes in English

A friend is someone with whom
things can be done openly
Take care..!!

The gathering of our own people rejected us
But still friends hugged me..!!

Enjoying life with friends
friends actually
Taught me how to live life..!!

My friends have paid the price for every happiness
He told me more than dreams
Friendship has been maintained..!!

No matter what friends say
why not nonsense
When he is away from us his
I miss you a lot..!!

Who has so much courage that we tease the brave one?
my friend is my stranger
They surround the lion even in the jungle..!!

If you talk meanly, you will become mean.
O friend, try talking meaninglessly sometime.
True relationships will form automatically..!!

let’s go somewhere far away from these loneliness
at a gathering of friends
See you with old memories..!!

so beautiful with friends
it was the time of childhood
Every happiness was my own and every sorrow was a stranger..!!

Funny friendship quotes in English

I promised to keep you happy
I forgot you somewhere
forgive you my dear friend
I made you cry!!

Meaning of DOST
D- One who is close despite being far away
o- Be more special than others
S- The sweetest one to be with
T- In whom one can trust more than fate.

all of the world
Friendship is special in relationships
to mend a broken heart
The feeling is friendship…!

who understands everything
that feeling is friendship
It may be the first time but not the last.
That meeting is friendship..!

Don’t let go even after fighting
she is with friendship
of shining stars
It’s a lovely night friendship..!

he is your friend
will save you from everything
When I get angry with you
He will get beaten himself..!

we make fun of everything
I do it only
more than a girlfriend
Die for your friends..!

God said, don’t make friends
You will get lost in the crowd of friends,
I said never come down to the ground
you also meet my friends
Will forget to go up.

“Friendship is not a letter that can be erased.
It is not a journey that can be cut short.
These are the feelings for which
Even if it falls short.

Emotional friendship quotes in English

I have different principles in my life
For the sake of friendship we accept even thorns
Will laugh and walk even on shards of glass
If friends say that these are flowers spread in friendship!

People say friendship is with equals
It should be done but friendship is like this
There should be someone who considers everyone equal!

Who says friendship spoils
If you find friends who will support you
The world remembers.

The heart is full of desires,
It is doubtful whether it will be complete or not
Everything is wonderful in this world
but life has friends like you
It is already beautiful.

Whenever old pages of friendship
I look back and remember,
So your childhood friendship with me
I remember the story.

We have to pray to God,
May there be no worship except your friendship.
I get friends like you in every birth,
Or never get life again.

Friends like mirror and shadow
Must be because mirror
never lie,
And the shadow never leaves you.

Nature’s law is friends and pictures
If you create their colors from your heart
Will definitely improve!

A true friend will never be yours
Doesn’t come in the way,
Rather, it is to move forward

I wish we hadn’t spent those moments together
Then these tears would not have come to my eyes
From whom one cannot stay away even for a moment
I wish I had not made such dear friends!

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