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Dosti Shayari

Dosti Shayari in English: The relationship of friendship is the first relationship which a person creates himself. We can make friends anywhere – school, college, office. Any good person around us whom we like and starts liking us, we make him our friend.

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A true friend always gives you the right advice, cares for you and stands with you in all your happiness and sorrow. If you find a true friend, he will change your life, whereas if you find a bad friend, it will not take much time for your life to be ruined. That’s why always make a true and good friend. Today in this post we have brought Dosti Shayari in English on true friends. We hope you will like this poetry very much.

Best Dosti Shayari

There is no greater desire than relationships,
And there is no greater worship than friendship!

Debts are not to be repaid in friendship,
Favors are not to be shown in friendship.
May this friend of ours remain safe.
Because these relationships never get old!

Friendship is not something that can fade away.
cross like paths,
Friendship is such a lovely feeling.
In which everything gets condensed in a moment!

If you become angry then there will be no happiness,
Without you there will be no light in the lamps,
What can I say, what will happen to my heart, O friend?
Will remain alive but will have no life!

The bond of friendship is greater than love,
Because friends are never unfaithful!

You will feel me in high spirits all the time,
We are the fragrance of friendship, which will smell forever!

Girl’s love is not necessary,
Must be the one with girlfriend,
Some girls’ friendship is also with love,
Doesn’t decrease!

There will be no shore everywhere,
What about strangers, won’t our own people also be supported?
Try the whole world,
You will never have any other friend like me!

Friendship Shayari in English

How wonderful those childhood days were,
I didn’t know the meaning of friendship,
And that doesn’t mean it was friendship!

Many friends will come in life,
And many friends will also leave,
But those school people,
Friends will always be remembered!

There is no ex and no next,
I live my life with pride
Because for me my friends are the best!

Everything I say seems deceitful to my friends,
This is the thing that feels heavy on my heart!

Pulling away the sheet of age,
These damn friends never let me grow old!

The one who resides in my eyes,
You are dearer to me than the moon,
There is a shining star in friendship!

There is a relationship rooted in the soul,
Sir, due to less meetings,
Friendship never diminishes!

Sir, go to hell, this means worldliness,
We will maintain true friendship with our naughty friends!

Every sorrow is a stranger in the gathering of friends,
Everyone has accepted that real life is about friends!

friendship shayari

When love leaves your hand,
Then only friends walk together step by step!

If someone says something to him, I can’t bear it.
I have a friend without whom,
I can’t stay!

nothing to say,
need support every time
My friend of my life,
I want them all!

Be it an evening of sorrow or a service of happiness,
This friend, everything is acceptable if he is with you!

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