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Romantic Shayari

Romantic Shayari in English: Friends, where there is true love, romance automatically makes its place. Along with this, if you sometimes share romantic poetry with your girlfriend or boyfriend, then the atmosphere becomes even more colorful. Romance makes life happy and comfortable. And adventure plays a very important role in reducing our stress.Read more: 401+ Attitude Shayari | Best Shayari on Dangerous Attitude (2023)

So, to make your love feel romantic, you can take the help of today’s post. You and your partner will like these famous romantic shayari poems written here. Friends, read these poems and share your feelings with your lover to keep the romance alive in your life.

Romantic shayari

There is no way for the heart through distance
those who are special are always
Are close to the heart..!!

We have made their will our destiny
They are so good that we like them
Have made me your lover..!!

The relationship that has beautiful thoughts and trust
Their style of love is romantic..!!

I love you very much, now we know this
Ever since your killer eyes have started beating my heart..!!

Have you ever seen how cute I look?
smiling with wide eyes
You like to think..!!

The light of my love is shining on your smiling face
That’s why this crazy person has come to meet you today..!!

We are beginning to agree with an unknown person
Don’t know why for that stranger
This heart started becoming restless..!!

my love resides in your eyes
That’s why your darling
This crazy person rejoices in love..!!

Listen crazy, remember one thing about me
I can forget everyone but not you..!!

I will neither express nor wait for you
But in the passion of your love I will cross all limits..!!

Romantic shayari in english

in a romantic way
we will love you
Will go away but will always be with you..!!

This love has not deepened just like that
Distance has separated you and me..!!

I am very careless of myself
but of your love
I value..!!

Eyes are closed but tears are alive on eyelids
but my breath is extinguished
Your love is still alive in my heart.!!

the road itself
but will come to see
I want them to know
Give that we have come.!!

this love for you just like this
So no, it has become spiritual.
your killer eyes
Has touched my heart.!!

sir my colorless
you are the light in life
You are the lover of this crazy person.!!

after sleeping in your arms
How can I wake up after getting lost in you..!

Romantic shayari two line

When two hearts meet each other
Then love is in the gardens of the heart
Flowers bloom.!!

after meeting whom
hope of survival increases
You are such a love for me.!!

That I love you, I will fulfill you wholeheartedly
snatching away the sadness from your face
We will bring smiles.!!

If we love too much
You promise to stay with me.!!

While refusing, I expressed myself to you.
I fell in love not with you but with your soul.!!

in a romantic way
I will confess my love to you
I am in a crowded gathering
I will express my love..!

Romantic shayari for wife

Your slanting glance wounded this heart
When I saw your face, my breath stopped.!!

in a relationship with love
Time is also considered
Love is felt only in that relationship.!!

you shine in my life
you are a star my love
Let’s have a beautiful moment!

you are the dream of my eyes
you are my heart’s desire
You are my life, my identity!

you shine in my life
you are a star my love
Let’s have a beautiful moment!

you are the dream of my eyes
you are my heart’s desire
You are my life, my identity!

Romantic love shayari

The light of your face resides in my eyes
That’s why this crazy person has settled in your heart.!!

he should talk to someone else
So the heart burns, this is the first love.
Sir, there is so much doubt..!

The color of your love is so much
The world is deep just by looking at it
There is a guard on both of us!

you are the order of my life
you are the dream of my eyes
Be the sound of my beating heart!

in your hair
we are starting to lose so much
Like flowers have started blooming in spring.!!

I have only one desire in life
That you should not give my place to anyone.!!

love is only for looks
is there any principle
If only your eyes are beautiful
Then I accept all the conditions..!

What is love without fighting?
What is infidelity which does not involve separation?

Romantic shayari for boyfriend

they will come on the road on their own
see me
Let them know that we have come.!!

You have come into my life as my trust
You are present in these eyes like a dream..!

If it is a diamond then it
should also shine
if you are in love with someone
So it should be shown..!

by talking sweetly
traps us in your love
in the same way every time
He steals my heart..!

Your love needs the support of my heart
Aashiqui just needs a hint.!!

may that evening be very beautiful
When you come into my arms..!

ignore the pillow
he rests on our shoulders
She says it in the same manner
With this she expresses her love for us..!

Couldn’t meet them even together
unable to meet eyes
Saw them but couldn’t talk..!

Romantic shayari for girlfriend

The glow of your love has started appearing in my eyes
This heart has started going crazy after seeing you..!

holding you close to my chest
you have crossed your limits
I want to drown in love!

What is that love in which
It’s love that doesn’t require conflict.
What is there in which there is no agreement?

You are my life, you are my life
Darling, you are my love
You are all my desires!

you are the smile on my face
you are the heartbeat
You feel happiness in sorrow
That’s why you are special for me!

no desire for love
dream request
you always in my heart
This is my request!

you keep looking at me heart
The agreement will come as you see.
We will love you just as much!

My hiccups are the witness of your love.
I love you so much!

your heartbeat is life
you are my story
It is an important part of my life!

the sound of your footsteps
I recognize your love by
Is considered as Kashi and Prayag.

Final words on Romantic shayari

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