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Akelapan Shayari

Akelapan Shayari: Many times some such incidents happen in our life that we feel very lonely. From the diary of Daily Inspiration Board, while being alone but happy in a sad mood, poems that remove loneliness and inspire them to be happy by erasing the feelings of loneliness that come in the hands of young girls and boys these days are available on the online platform, that is why we Specially selected for you.Read more: 251+ Dosti Shayari in English | best true friendship shayari

So friends, in today’s post, we are presenting shayari with HD quality images and unique content. Today we are sharing with you Loneliness Pain Shayari, Akelapan Shayari for love.

Akelapan shayari

left with great enthusiasm
he told me about his condition
But maybe in these eyes
Still waiting for you.!!

since i love you
I have found infidelity
since then in my life
There is pain and loneliness..!

this loneliness
the journey will also be cut short
the day of sorrow
The cloud will go away..!

in a very beautiful manner
he stabbed me in the heart
loved first then
Ignored you by giving you loneliness..!

Akelapan shayari in english

I have sown a dream and
loneliness is gone
Friends in this love
Loss is loss!!

seeing my loneliness
sadness also cried
when tried to smile
So my cheeky girl started crying!!

How many have I seen since you left?
you have tried
But no one can help me in this loneliness of mine
Couldn’t remove it!!

we are close to you
kept coming like this
Moving closer to loneliness!!

Akelapan shayari two line

this love is witchcraft
if you have set your heart
So one has to be lonely too!!

I became alone away from the gathering
Every fair has become desolate for me!!

I know the reason for your refusal
I recognized your silence..!

die alone friend
But don’t trust anyone!

In love a person becomes a victim of loneliness
Because the path of love goes through loneliness!!

loneliness is like a punishment
But even in living this
It’s a different kind of fun!!

Lonely poetry

this night is more than me
When everyone goes to sleep, I am alone.
She talks!

I identify with loneliness
Even gatherings seem deserted to me!!

I have so much faith in myself
that he will cry so hard
To get me again!!

to make someone feel
don’t separate
Otherwise time will pass without you
Jina will teach you!!

no one came no matter how much we called
We have awakened a lot of people throughout our lives!!

Sad Akelapan Shayari

sir whom we love more
Give importance, right?
There comes a time when
When the same person makes you feel lonely
He leaves and goes away!!

Who says this sir?
loneliness hurts
When you understand life
I also like my own company!!

smile fake smile
whole life will be spent
under cover of gathering
Loneliness will hide somewhere!!

Listen, after you leave, we will never
don’t feel lonely
What do you do with the lonely ones?
The love that has happened to us!!

Today, this loneliness
realized myself
so couldn’t handle it
These tears of yours!!

Akelapan shayari for girl

He is the only moon in the sky
who is like you among thousands
but that moon is alone
Like me in those stars!!

to fall apart like a dream
Yes I want
such loneliness that one can die
Yes I want!!

Sir, how complete is that love story?
Whose loneliness is in his nature!!

humans only for one reason
falls alone
when his own
Start misunderstanding!!

what is loneliness
Someone should ask this from Taj Mahal
The whole world comes to watch
But no one lives there!!

To whom should I tell about my loneliness?
People feel very happy after seeing the smiling faces!!

Akelapan shayari for boys

Life gives trouble to death, people like this

loneliness sometimes on myself
becomes so dominant that
He makes us do something that
Which is beyond imagination!!

Don’t consider my loneliness my hobby.
Someone has given this gift with great love!!

don’t talk about support now
oh cruel life
my loneliness is enough
To support me!!

my loneliness is strange
neither happy nor sad
I am just empty and silent!!

Keep cursing your life all your life
Laugh in the crowd but cry in loneliness!!

Akelapan shayari for fb

Now I don’t even remember him.
How lonely the loneliness has become!!

friends, everyone has a story
Some are complete and some are incomplete!!

Increase in loneliness and restlessness in the evening
I don’t care about you
Don’t get another reply from you!!

I never thought that she would leave me alone.
The one who, seeing her upset, often said, “It’s me, isn’t it?”

Even love is embarrassed to see my condition
That this person has lost everything but is still alive!!

This is how we preserve peace
Whenever I am lonely I feel you!!

Now I have come to like loneliness
Now add the pickle of your time!!

Sometimes you have to talk about a lot of things
But there is no one to listen!!

startled by your shadow
I have spent my life so lonely!!

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