151+ Best Life Quotes | हैप्पी लाइफ कोट्स {2023}

Life Quotes

Life Quotes: As much as life brings us moments of joy, and there are days in life when we wish there was a guide to follow, it is not possible without spontaneity. As we grow older, life’s journey does not become easier, but as our perspective evolves, we understand it better.Read more: 100+ Best Mahadev Quotes in English | महादेव कोट्स स्टेटस (2023)

So friends, to make the journey of life better, we have brought some choice ideas on today’s new post Life Inspirational Quotes. Friends, we hope you will like these life quotes. + Life Quotes | Happy Life Quotes {2023}

Life Quotes

Sir, never be angry with the taunts of the world.
These ignorant people start to think of even heroes as glass..!!

Who has used his thoughts properly
Sir, he is the one who has lived his life happily..!!

Oh life, it is not about suffering.
It is because of the behavior of our loved ones and it is because of the deep wounds of time..!!

Yesterday we were troubled by sun, today we are troubled by rain.
Human nature has innumerable complaints of this life..!!

There is also a strange atmosphere in the philosophy of life
Friendship with my people is very precious..!!

Life and nothing
Just a bunch of wishes
Even those in difficult times
Only those who live know how to be happy..!!

Hey guys, take as much tension in life as you can handle.
Not so much that life is destroyed..!!

Happy Life Quotes

This journey from life to death
It is very pleasant in the box of sorrow
It is a treasure of happiness..!!

My life is full of tension sir
Now I don’t know what will happen..!!

The most attractive thing about any person
He has discipline and smile..!!

What can I complain about in life?
When our own people have rejected us
That’s why in my part
Only sorrow is visible.!!

all day long
Let’s count
These games of life are very unique..!!

What is sorrow in life sir?
Ask the pledgers
Breaks after doing.!!

A person with good values
And good thoughts
He always takes care of himself.!!

Real life quotes

O my life, I am yours
Have seen different phases
Poison in the hearts of loved ones
And have seen the attachment to Garo.!!

Happy in immense sorrow
Survival efforts are ongoing
My needs are small, friend
Only desires are heavy on life.!!

Life is beautiful only in books
Actually there is nothing but suffering..!

A new deal every moment
Every moment brings new pain
This life is very careless
Friends, very sad.!!

Life is too long
Friends, more accidents will happen
What you consider yours
There will be a maximum distance between them.!!

Let’s give new flight to wishes
Come on friends, live with open heart..!

There are thousands of wishes, millions of fairs
We are alone in the confusion of life..!

As dangerous as the way of life
Reaching the destination will be equally amazing..!

Sad Life Quotes

Sir, when my heart was broken, I felt the pain.
Misery has become our own in this deceitful world.!!

Don’t be afraid of the path, keep an eye on the destination
Don’t look at the world
Trust your guts..!

You will be more intelligent than you need to be
So people will keep harassing you..!

Honesty J
Human beings have
God’s mercy
Happens with him..!

Things that are less
His eyes are very wide
It’s just wet..!

A person who uses his conscience
makes proper use of
Same person with his goals

We too
fell in love with
Who ever told us
Did not take it from heart..!

This is just a view
It’s been a while here
So the matter is on the other side..!

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