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Desh Bhakti Shayari

Desh Bhakti Shayari: Friends, today’s article is based on country, in this article you will find many poems based on patriotism, friends, we are proud to be born in India, where patriots like Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar have sacrificed for the country. . Here in today’s post, you will find the best poems related to Attitude Army Shayari, Desh Bhakti Status, which will make you feel patriotic after reading.

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So friends, in today’s post we have brought you inspirational patriotic poems, in this we are sharing with you Shero Desh Bhakti Shayari. Share these patriotic poems with your friends and loved ones on social media and share your love for country with your loved ones.

Desh Bhakti Shayari

O Bhasma, O country, we will cross even this limit.
We will pass in the glory of tricolor..!!

The slogan of Hindustan is echoing nowadays
Keep shining in the sky
This tricolor is ours decorated with three colours..!!

We need a jewel that is always dedicated to the country.
Whose pregnancy is on martyrdom
This kind of lallan is needed for the country..!!

I will sacrifice my life to protect motherland
If any calamity occurs
I will kill enemies selectively..!!

Who knows how many tsunamis have hit the country?
Who saved those sacrifices by donating blood..!!

We will cross all boundaries with the glory of this tricolor
It will awaken the spirit of patriotism in the heart of every Indian..!!

As the rising sun radiates saffron
This is like patriotism
Who resides in everyone’s heart..!!

Desh Bhakti Shayari in English

We have to eradicate terrorism from our country.
And the country has to be made a world leader again..!!

Patriotism and show love
Nowadays it’s people’s business..!!

My heart says this
This country you live in my heart
For your honor and glory
Every drop of my blood..!!

A sense of patriotism
Stir in everyone’s heart
Again in our country
From this we have to make a world guru.!!

Wake up and see
There is endless joy in the land
Soar above the sky
This tricolor has been hoisted..!!

The patriotic flame of every Indian
Will keep you alive in your heart
Just like the glory of this tricolor
We will maintain.!!

The constitution gave them freedom
There is freedom of speech
Say anything, think anything
This is a waste of democracy..!!

Desh Bhakti Shayari two lines

A sense of patriotism
Will wake up in everyone’s heart
Being a citizen
Will perform the duty well.!!

Sir, there is courage in the heart
And walks around with a storm on his lips
In the spirit of patriotism we
They walk with their pride..!!

Don’t apologize every time
Well that’s not our honor
Many countries will disappear
The mind that would not be our India..!

Friends, please pray for those brave soldiers.
Those who stay awake day and night on the border
That’s why we sleep peacefully in our house..!

Passion in the heart, patriotism in the eyes
I will save the enemy’s life
My voice has so much sparkle!

The heart is full of love
I have respect for them
Which is better than all other places
That is our dear India.!!

I am burning myself with love for my country
We will die for the country, betting on death!

People will always remember martyrs
This will be the remaining mark of those who died for their country.

They fight in cold blood like brave soldiers.
Many die but become steel
The country became free only if killed!

Army Desh Bhakti Shayari

Whenever you will be sacrificed in battle
On the pages of history and the heart
O soldier will be your name..!

Let us bow down and salute those to whom this post belongs.
Lucky that blood is useful to the country!

What is not yet boiled is blood and not water.
Those who are not useful to the country are useless youth.

I will protect this country, this country
My life is mine to protect
Heart and soul is the sacrifice!

Unity in diversity is the pride of this country
That’s why my India is great!

I will always remember the beauty of India
I was free, I am free, I will be free!

I want some good work to be done
Let my every breath be in the name of the country!

When the blood boiled and the steel grew strong, the battle was fought like a hero.
He remained steadfast till death and only then the country became free.

We will shake the world with our unity
Will bring peace and tranquility to the entire world..!

Love for country is buried deep in my heart
They are betting on martyrdom to die for the country!

We can never take away our freedom
You can decapitate but you cannot bow your head

We can never take away our freedom
You can cut your head but you can’t bend your head.

I am writing the result which will start from tomorrow
Every drop of my blood will revolutionize!

When the eyes open, the land should belong to India.
Remember India when your eyes are closed.
Even if we die there is no sorrow,
At the time of death the soil should belong to India.

Salute the tricolor which is your pride
As long as you have life in you, always keep your head up!

Will protect the country till death
We will face every shot of the enemy
Free and will remain free!

Final Words Desh Bhakti Shayari

Friends, thanks for reading our post Desh Bhakti Shayari. Let us know by commenting if you like our poem. And if you want to give any suggestion regarding this then you can comment in the comment box.

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