100+ TOP Yaad Shayari for Girlfriend {2023}

Yaad Shayari

Yaad Shayari: Welcome friends, whenever we love someone, we worry about his heart and that person. When we are emotionally attached to someone, we often miss him, like our love and close friends who are close to our heart. We miss him a lot. If he goes away from me for some reason, we miss him.Read more: Best Yaad Shayari in English

So friends, in today’s new post we are going to present a wonderful collection of yaad shayari with you, read these shayari, in this we are sharing Miss you yaad shayari with you.

yaad shayari for Girlfriend

Listen these unfaithful eyes
How to hide this pain from
memories of your love
How to erase it from your heart.!!

you must remember me sometimes
But your memories haunt me every moment.!!

when i miss you i feel like this
Like life stops in a moment..!

paper for your love
I will write on
whenever i miss you
So I cry..!

whenever i miss you
Centuries pass in a moment!

Betrayed my heart with all my heart
Befriended a stone considering it a god!

What did I remember about you?
we became strangers to the world
Our famous all over the world
There are rumors of love!

Two line yaad shayari

The intoxication of your memory is very sweet.
Time passed and we got used to it!

I miss her, I breathe a little slowly
Come on, even heartbeats can cause disruption in prayer!

Tell me in which corner should I dry your memories
It’s raining outside as well as inside!

There is a pain hidden in the chest
the smile seems incomplete don’t know why
Every evening seems incomplete without you!

I don’t know why I’m still waiting for you
Why do I love you even after separation?

Remember, what happened if there were distances?
It is done from the heart, not from the heart!

Final words on Yaad Shayari

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