100+ Best Mahadev Quotes in English | महादेव कोट्स स्टेटस (2023)

Mahadev Quotes

Mahadev Quotes : Hello friends, who does not know Lord Mahadev, the omniscient lord of this world. This creation is his gift only. Mahadev has immense powers. He also drank the deadly poison Halahal for the welfare of the world. Lord Mahadev is called by many of his names like Bholenath, Kailashpati, Gauripati, Shankar, Shivji, Trinetri, Mahakal etc. In today’s blog post, we have brought for you the best collection of Mahadev Quotes .

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The glory of Lord Shankar is infinite, so in today’s post Mahadev Quotes , we are sharing with you the quotes related to Lord Mahadev, Lord Shiva quotes in Hindi. Today we are going to present some such poems especially for you.

Mahadev quotes

Yes devotees, Shiva is zero, Shiva is infinite
Devotees who are engrossed in the devotion of Shiva
There is immense happiness in his life..!!

every prayer of mine was accepted
Ever since Mahadev’s blessings fell upon me..!!

Hey devotees, the leela of Mahakaal is infinite.
This whole world runs only by the grace of Baba..!!

Good work is the main thing
And religion is the protector
Similarly, Kailash Nath, we are your devotees..!!

My Mahadev is not dependent only on prayers.
More than what I even asked for
My Bholenath has given it to me..!!

surrendered myself at your feet
Baba now you are mine
Diagnose the sorrows..!!

O Bholenath, neither do I want wealth nor I want diamonds.
Mahakal and others remain in my mind
May my life always be a fakir..!!

Mahadev emotional quotes

The weapon whose trident is Damru is dear to them.
They love the place where they reside, Mount Kailash..!!

This is just my story
My world is crazy only about Mahadev..!!

Where Shankar is present in every particle
the same ghat becomes banaras
Ganga in you bless me in Kashi
May I be called the provider of salvation.!!

on his devotees
whose gratitude is great
Similarly, Mahadev is the one with three eyes.!!

Mahadev’s body turns into embers in anger
Then he kills all the demons..!

O innocent one, I am your servant.
accept my prayer this
Cross my boat in the ocean of life..!

I don’t care about anyone
When Bholenath blesses me..!

Mahadev quotes in two line

Oh innocent one, I don’t want to be a coward.
Keep the flame of devotion burning in my heart!

you are the knowledge of Geeta
You are a temple and you are a crematorium.
you are the beauty of krishna
You are the philosophy of life..!

I am a devotee of Bholenath whose
This whole world is crazy
Human associated with Bholenath
This is the story of welfare..!

Vishnu is snake’s neck
Shankar also has strong arms
call me god sleeves
I have also reared snakes..!

Only one slogan echoes in the mind of every devotee.
May this whole world remain connected to Shiva..!

You are the sage, you are the knowledge, you are the knowledge.
penance is meditation, you are meditation
you are the future you are the present

Bholenath under the influence of wish
Since then the throat has turned blue
Bholenath’s name became Neelkanth!

is the creator of the universe and the end of demons
The love for the devotees dear to Adishakti is infinite..!

I have no love for colors
ashes are my makeup
you make the mistake of not touching
Now my body is a ember..!

Mahadev trust quotes

every prayer of mine has been answered
Ever since Bholenath’s attack on me
It’s a blessing..!

you are divine knowledge
you are the greatest among gods
you are the solution to troubles
You are Bholenath, the one who forgives..!

Shankar is my soul for the welfare of the universe.
Shankar is the creator and soul of the body..

You are Shiva, you are you
Shivaay you are the universe
you are the giant
You are poetry, you are Veda..!

Shiv Shambhu is not dependent on prayers
Even what I didn’t ask for was given to me..!

no fear of anyone else
Mahakal is with me
When I fight the storms
Shambhunath’s hand is on the head..!

You are Rudra, you are Rudra, you are thoughts.
There is a sea of, you are the king, you are the pauper..!

innocence in your words
banyan in your hands
You are Lakshmi of my house
You are the power of Mahadev..!

Mahadev quotes in zindagi

Bholenath’s influence on this world
this is a great favor
for human welfare
Mahadev drank poison!

What Geeta or Quran all
respect religions
This is the message of Bholenath
Be great for humanity..!

I hope to meet you
You also destroy the ego
Bholenath, you also have faith in my heart..!

I don’t want to be foolish, I don’t want to be wise.
keep me going the wrong way
So keep showing the right path..!

Don’t think that I am alone.
Standing with me is my innocent son
your half form of love
So half the form is destruction..!

Final words on Mahadev quotes

Thank you for reading our post! Friends, you all know that Mahadev is as innocent as he is terrible. His third eye has so much power that he can destroy the entire world in just one turn. Friends, how did you like today’s post mahadev quotes . Please let us know by commenting.

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